Obama Orders United Nations Vote to End Democracy in the Middle East

ELDER PATRIOT – Anyone who doubted Barack Hussein Obama’s animus towards democracy in general and Israel in particular got final proof of it when the outgoing president – free of any personal political considerations – refused to veto a United Nations Security Resolution condemning Israel. 

This lays the foundation for the next step; Boycotts, divestiture, and sanctions (BDS) that had been only been used previously as economic weapons against rogue states.  The difference now is that rogue states have seized control of the U.N. governing body and they’ve turned their aim on the only democracy in their entire region.

President-elect Donald Trump did his best to stop the resolution.  After asking Obama to veto the measure but receiving no assurances that he would, Trump spoke with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and convinced him to withdraw his sponsorship of the resolution so that a vote would not occur until after Trump had taken office.

This angered Obama who reacted by shopping for new sponsors.  He found them in Senegal and New Zealand.  He ordered U.N. ambassador Samantha Powers to abstain when the resolution came up for a vote thereby allowing it to pass.

This led Trump to put the United Nations on notice that the entire freeloader organization is about to suffer sanctions of its own.


Trump let everyone know that there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s not the same weak-kneed, America-hating, Islamic sympathizer that violated the trust of the trust of the world’s freedom living nations for the past eight years. 

The new president will leverage the fact that the United States pays 22% of the United Nations budget, provides the increasingly despotic organization with a home on some of most valuable 18 acres in the world and sends our troops in to lead the way and bear the costs of their military incursions in blood and treasure.

By the way, Senegal and New Zealand combined pay less that 1/174th of what we do to fund the U.N.

Obama and his repressive Islamic allies overplayed their hand and soon it will be Trumped.