Obama to Louisiana – You Just Ain’t That Important

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama finally pulled himself off the golf course long enough to visit the flood ravaged areas of Louisiana where he reassured the displaced residents that he was going to send $123 million in federal aid to help them rebuild their lives.  How magnanimous!

I guess that was the best that he could scrape together after giving $1.3 billion to Iran only to follow that up with another $400 billion when the Iranian terror machine decided it needed more money.

He didn’t dare ask his major donors that includes George Soros and the Democratic Alliance who have given in excess of $500 million to fund groups like La Raza and Black Lives Matter, for any more money.

He wouldn’t ask his corporate insurance partners, they’re still paying for the damage caused by the groups George Soros and the Democratic Alliance have caused with their civil unrest.

So, at the end of the day, Obama left displaced Louisianans with less than $5,000 each with which to rebuild their lives.

How’s that compare to Obama’s generosity (with our money) towards the Syrian refugees he’s welcoming to the USA?  According to an analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies the five-year cost to settle a single Syrian refugee in the United States will be a minimum of $64,370.

Where is the Clinton Foundation?  Or, isn’t there a quick buck to be made here?

Where is the Clinton campaign?  They’re claiming that they will be spending two billion dollars on this election.  That’s one billion dollars more than any previous candidate has spent.  Couldn’t Hillary help out?

Then again, we can elect Donald Trump and hope he allows the Department of Justice to apply civil forfeiture laws to the Clinton’s ill-gotten wealth.

Wake up America.  To the radicals running our government, you are only here to fund the dismantling of the once proud United States. 

It’s time to put Americans first!