Obama Likes to Compare Himself to Reagan. What Do the Comics Say? LMAO

ELDER PATRIOT – Even before his presidency, President Obama was fond of comparing himself to the great Ronald Reagan.  I’ve always felt he did this as a way of putting his thumb in the collective eyes of those who loved and admired Reagan.

Now that Barack Obama has entered the final months of his presidency and his legacy is fairly well written it is fair to see just how he measures up to America’s greatest president of the past century, and there’s no better way than to let the comics have a go at it.

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President Obama’s insistence that government can manage business development better than the free market has led to a massive increase in onerous regulations, and higher energy and employee costs.  Coupled with the industrialized world’s highest taxes Obama has overseen the expatriation of American companies, the loss of American jobs, and an inversion of new startups.  Good work, “O.”

The current president is fond of claiming credit for saving us from the worst economy since the great depression but the facts tell a different story.

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Not only did Reagan inherit a worse economic crisis that Obama did, but, by the time he left office the nation’s GDP had increased by over 37% after adjustment for inflation!  Current projections show Obama leaving behind a dismal eight-year growth in GDP of 14%.  Pathetic.

Successful people will tell you that the surest path to failure is to blame others while doing nothing to improve your situation.


Then there are the comparisons on how each handled getting American hostages returned by Iran.




The only serious comparison between Obama and Reagan appears to be this:


It’s really sad that Obama chose to deliberately ignore certain fundamental truths that underpinned America’s rise to greatness and instead embraced the mindset of history’s failures.

It’s possible Obama will leave office happy with his accomplishments but for the rest of us, not so much:

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