More Obama Lies: Trump Rally Didn’t Require a Magic Wand.

ELDER PATRIOT – During the campaign President Obama liked to denigrate Donald Trump’s plans for an American economic renaissance by claiming Trump would need a magic wand to accomplish what he was promising.  Five days after taking office the Dow crashed through the 20,000 mark proving two things, Barack never had an idea what he was doing (or, more likely he was deliberately holding back American industry) and Donald Trump knew everything he was promising was possible.

Trump hasn’t even implemented a single policy initiative yet to help the economy but the free market starved executives of major corporations like what they’ve heard and are rushing to build new factories and hire new workers so their companies can get maximum benefit from the coming economic rebirth.

What Trump has promised them are lower corporate taxes, middle class tax cuts, energy independence, and greatly reduced regulations.  That would make the United States the most welcoming place on the planet to locate their businesses.

Lower corporate taxes will reduce the prices of their products at market.  Middle class tax cuts will leave the Americans, already the world’s richest consumers, with greater purchasing power with which to purchase those products.  Energy independence means cost certainty for their production processes.  And, less regulations means lower cost of investment because unnecessary but costly compliance demands will no longer add billions of dollars and lengthy delays to new investment.

Just hearing Trump’s proposals was music to the ears of the world’s industrial titans including a number of Asia’s biggest players.

The almost 10% jump in market valuations since Trump won the election only 78 days ago has added over one trillion dollars to the value of big-cap companies.  That’s a huge growth in the asset base just based on a forecast and provides the borrowing power for as much as $5 trillion in new investment.

Wait till Trump turns his attention to helping America’s entrepreneurial class and job creation explodes.

Obama was given $3 trillion dollars in a stimulus scam that yielded nothing but debt for the American taxpayer.  Trump’s common sense dialogue with business leaders here and around the world has already stimulated the economy immeasurably and he hasn’t spent a dime.

It’s amazing what the right leader can do when he cares about the people who he was elected to represent and he knows what he’s doing.