Obama Leaves Behind a Generation of Youth Ill-Suited for Leadership and Who Resort to Blaming Others for Their Failures

ELDER PATRIOT – Obama’s legacy is already written in ink.  Much will be written about the outgoing president’s failed foreign policy in virtually every region of the world or his radical undermining of our economy.  The cost may be great in blood and treasure but under strong leadership we will recover from both. 

Sadly the same cannot be said of the damage that Obama’s control over our education establishment has wrought on a good portion of our nation’s youth.  Obama’s corruption of the Common Core curriculum has resulted in a generation incapable of dealing with conflict and indoctrinated in the failed ideology of socialism. 

What hasn’t been destroyed is this generation’s ability to blame others for their failures with special emphasis given to white males who were almost uniquely responsible for building the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen.  And, whose successes have paid for all of the government these youngsters, incapable of logic and reason, are now dependent on.

Much was made during the run up to the election that Hillary Clinton was winning among college-educated voters.  Trump led among every age demographic except the young. That alone should stand as proof of just how prejudicial and detrimental our education system has become in developing our country’s youth.

Even worse is this generation’s inability to accept that the election is over and that Trump is their president no matter how loudly or often they insist that he isn’t.

They are so emotionally incapable of coming to terms with the democratic process and so devoid of civil decency that they have resorted to shaming Republican voters based on their race and gender.  Sadly, they don’t even realize that they are employing tactics that they complained were used against them in the past.

Just watch this MTV commercial if you have any doubts.

This is so inherently racist and sexist on its face that only a moron wouldn’t realize it by simply substituting a few words in key places.

None of this should come as a surprise considering the growing number of single-parent dysfunctional families and the increased parenting role our colleges and universities are undertaking where Marxist professors are openly advocating White genocide

This puts them in the company of Islamic radicals who encourage their children to kill themselves in Jihad.

Why are these “ideologues” always to willing to suggest others kill themselves but they don’t have the cojones (or conviction?) to kill themselves?

Obama’s defining legacy will be leaving behind a generation lacking a sufficient number of future leaders and that comforts itself for its failures and inadequacies by blaming those who have embraced personal responsibility, prepared well, worked hard and have been successful.

Some I’m sure will recover or find a way to cope but how many snowflakes will spend a lifetime in therapy undoing the damage done to their psyches by Obama?