ELDER PATRIOT – Barack Obama has spent eight years undermining the foundational principles of our country.  Now, as his backroom deals with the United Nations and the world Marxist movement is coming close to fruition, our economy is failing and our freedoms are being curtailed without the knowledge of most Americans.

For all of the damage that he’s been able to cause, Obama will not get to see his dream of completing the fundamental transformation of America on his watch and has become desperate to stop Donald Trump from getting elected because he knows that Trump will repeal virtually all of the president’s legislative and presidential decrees in order to restore America to her previous greatness.

So, despite the fact that he despises Hillary Clinton he has been conspiring with her to get her elected for the simple reason that he knows he can count on her to continue all of the destructive policies he has instituted.

That’s why Obama ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to shut down the FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails that FBI Director James Comey just said he was reopening.  Obama has multiple reasons for demanding that the FBI be shut down.

First, it’s come to light that he knew of Hillary’s illegal “ClintonOne” server arrangement because he was communicating with her on it regularly.  This implicates him in knowingly transferring classified information along unsecure channels and opens him to investigation into all of his communications with his former Secretary of State.

Additionally, he wants to prevent a Trump victory because he realizes that his entire presidency will become just a horrible footnote in American history if Donald Trump becomes president and overturns all of his destructive policies.

But, for more than any other reason Obama wants to shut down the FBI investigation and a Trump presidency because the emails are going to implicate him in Hillary’s pay to play RICO operation that she ran with her husband and from which he accepted bribes in return for his political support and the suppression of the criminal investigation into her “charitable” Foundation.

AG Lynch ordered the FBI director to squelch the investigation but, in light of the Wikileaks revelations, Comey refused to sit idly by any longer.  Privately he told Lynch that she would have to remove him from his position and shut it down herself.

Finally, someone with at least a modicum of integrity and some major cojones has taken a stand against the corruption of the Obama-Clinton cartel. 

President Obama has finally met his match in the dedicated men and women of the FBI.