Obama Invited Sessions to Meeting With Russian Ambassador

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz characterized the Democrats’ witch hunt of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a “nothing burger.”  Now we learn that it’s a nothing burger of the Democrats own making.

According to the event’s hosts Global Partners in Diplomacy:

“On Tuesday, July 19, Global Cleveland welcomed roughly 80 international ambassadors to its Global Partners in Diplomacy reception at Severance Hall. The event, coordinated in partnership with the 2016 Republican National Convention and the U.S. Department of State, introduced the ambassadors to nearly 200 of Northeast Ohio’s civic and corporate leaders.”

WTF?  So, Obama’s State Department organizes a convention that then Senator Sessions is invited to attend and when he talks to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the event this supposedly represents a breach of his fiduciary duties? 

If Kislyak represented a threat to our nation why did Obama invite him in the first place?

As part of the confirmation process Sessions provided copies of his schedule to the Judiciary Committee.  If Sen. Al Franken, or anyone else listening to Sessions’ responses in his confirmation hearing thought there was a conflict between his testimony and the facts why didn’t they ask him then? 

Democrats knew that this convention was organized by Obama’s State Department and they knew that Sessions had been invited to attend.  The clear intention of conventions like this one is to facilitate discussions between elected leaders, businessmen, and foreign diplomats.

To believe that because Sessions met with a Russian diplomat he cannot be trusted to serve in high office you’d also have to believe that Obama and John Kerry should’ve been removed from office for arranging the convention in the first place and that everyone in the Senate or House that has ever met with a foreign diplomat is tainted and must resign.

The saddest thing to come out of this is that not a single Democrat has come forward to denounce the Obama orchestrated attempt to destroy Sessions.  On second thought, the 14 Republicans who failed to take Sessions’ back are equally repugnant.

If this isn’t evidence that Donald Trump chose the right man to help him drain the swamp then nothing is.