Obama Cleaves Jews From Democratic Party

ELDER PATRIOT – Progressives, under the guidance of Barack Obama, are well along in the process of destroying the Democratic Party.  Reasonable liberals, once the bellwether of the party, have had enough of their Marxist policies and fascistic methods.

Classical liberalism is a political ideology that advocates civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law, and emphasizes economic freedoms found in economic liberalism that is also called free market capitalism.

The Democrats had spent the past century distancing themselves from these ideals but Obama took an axe to what was left of any semblance of classical liberalism that remained in their party.

The latest group to realize that the Democratic Party has rescinded its welcome to them is the Jewish people who have overwhelmingly supported the party in the past.

Members of the Jewish community comprise one of America’s most successful demographic groups and as such they bear a disproportionate share of the financial burdens that other groups place on the nation’s social services. 

Irrespective of those costs, Jews have consistently voted for more government programs driven solely by their desire to help others.  All they wanted in return was assurances that they’d be free to worship in peace and that our country would be unwavering in defense of Israel.

With Democrats openly courting a devout anti-Semite, Keith Ellison, to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee they have sent an unmistakable message to the entire Jewish Community that there are no more assurances.

Coming after eight years of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barack Obama’s disastrous Middle East policies that has resulted in the marginalization and isolation of Israel, and the U.S. aid in paving the way for Iran’s military ascendancy, Jewish voters are realizing that their last best hope is no longer with the Democrats.

These events have led Alan Dershowitz, emeritus law professor at Harvard University, author and Orthodox Jew to tell Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo:

If they now appoint Keith Ellison, who worked with Farrakhan, to be chairman of the DNC, you’re going to see a lot of people leave I will not be a member of a party that represents itself through a chairman like Keith Ellison, and through policies like that espoused by John Kerry and Barack Obama.”