Obama Claims Benghazi Is ‘Wild Conspiracy Theory,’ Benghazi Hero Nukes Him

Elder Patriot – It’s a condemnation of both our Congress and our criminal justice system that Barack Obama is walking around free.  It’s a condemnation of the multinational corporately owned media that he has a forum for his tortured self-serving, anti-American rhetoric.

Yesterday’s speech in Anaheim, after being presented with another undeserved award, America’s most seditious narcissist, took his rhetoric to a shocking new low, something we didn’t think possible.

It’s bad enough that President Trump has, in eighteen months, exposed Obama’s lies, misrepresentations, and malfeasance.  But, Obama took his criticisms of the things that make America great to new depths yesterday.

He actually referred to the carnage that took place in Benghazi as a conspiracy theory.  Four dead Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, say otherwise.

The truth is, what happened at Benghazi stands as a testament to commitment to, and sacrifice for, others.

A subsequent investigation determined that despite repeated appeals to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to beef up security at the compounds, nothing was done to prevent the eventual deaths that occurred.

There’s solid reason to believe that Hillary was aware of an impending attack but never pulled her team out of there or made efforts to further secure the embassy and/or compound.

Her missing emails probably tell one hell of a story about how she cavalierly responded to the needs of Americans in service to America.

As a result, the coordinated attack against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia became a potential PR nightmare for Obama who was running for re-election.

For Obama and Clinton, they were willing to sacrifice the lives of those men for their own political gain.  Afterwards, Obama dispatched known liar Susan Rice to lie on the Sunday news shows and claim that a youtube video angered the radical Islamists who attacked our embassy and CIA outpost.

These are the names of those who Obama sacrificed on the altar of his political aspirations: U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, CIA Operative Glen Doherty, and CIA Operative Tyrone Woods.

Among those who miraculously survived is Kris “Tanto” Paronto, a true American hero and tough guy unlike the boytoy former president who only knows whatever thrill comes of stealing the valor of others.

John Tiegen who was on the roof during the 13-hour firefight that night later told an interviewer:

“A lot of politicians don’t realize that we were all in the military and we know a lot of the military guys, and they tell us things.  One pilot said to us that [the government] was afraid of another ‘Black Hawk Down’ scenario.”

You’ll understand why Paronto has no respect for the former street organizer and sad excuse for a commander in chief.

Following Obama’s dreadful and unnecessary reference to Benghazi as a conspiracy theory, Paronto called out the contrived arrogance of the ex-president for putting his political fortunes ahead of the men hired to protect our clandestine CIA agency.

Paronto and the other CIA Operatives whose identities were made public – ex Marine Mark Geist, ex-Marine  Sergeant John Tiegen, ex SEAL Tyrone Woods – fended off the radical Islamists and protected the two dozen or so CIA agents in the outpost.  

They could’ve hightailed it out of there but they’re cut from a better cloth than the opportunistic likes of Obama and Clinton.

Paronto let the world know in no uncertain terms that is was Obama’s continuing refusal to own up to his role in issuing the stand down order that needlessly cost four Americans their lives.

Obama has consistently hid behind the fact that compromised Republicans never dared impeach him for his criminal use of the IRS, the EPA, the CFPB, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Department of State.

This time may be different, however, because this president – President Trump – is beholden to no one except the American people.

President Trump, lock them up!