Obama Administration Moves to Shred the First Amendment

ELDER PATRIOT – Polls show that 94% of Americans no longer have confidence in the mainstream media to provide unvarnished news reporting and commentary.  With traditional news sources having reduced themselves to barely more than wholly owned propaganda agents of the Globalist movement, the only remaining source for contrary opinions and reporting has become the Internet.

Now President Obama has ordered the Commerce Department to finalize handing over control of the Internet by October 1st to a governing body that includes China and Russia.

If this doesn’t scare you then you’re not a worthy inheritor of the rights that so many brave Americans have given their blood to preserve for you over our country’s 240-year history.  If Congress stands idly by and lets this happen then they will be admitting they no longer have any intentions of defending the Constitutional rights of Americans.  By what moral authority can they ever again authorize the use of the U.S. military in defense of our rights?  They will be admitting that when they authorize military actions overseas in “defense of American interests” what they really mean is defense of American corporate interests.

The effects of this Internet handover will be to subvert freedom of speech by placing it under the control a global body over which will have as its directors nations that have horrible records of censorship and worse.

According to an article that appeared in the New York Times on July 25, 2016: “China has ordered several of the country’s most popular internet portals to halt much of their original news reporting, in a move that could confine an even larger share of the journalism in the country to Communist-controlled mouthpieces ahead of an important party meeting next year.”

The Times also reported on Russia’s growing restrictions on the Internet as late as May 6, 2014 before deciding reporting on further restrictions wasn’t newsworthy:  “Russia has taken another major step toward restricting its once freewheeling Internet, as President Vladimir V. Putin quietly signed a new law requiring popular online voices to register with the government, a measure that lawyers, Internet pioneers and political activists said Tuesday would give the government a much wider ability to track who said what online.

“Mr. Putin’s action on Monday, just weeks after he disparaged the Internet as “a special C.I.A. project,” borrowed a page from the restrictive Internet playbooks of many governments around the world that have been steadily smothering online freedoms they once tolerated.”

Ceding control of the Internet to countries that rely on censorship to control their citizenry threatens the essence of our First Amendment rights and raises questions as to what the globalists in control of our government have planned, and why are they afraid of the citizenry being able to discuss it openly?

With the date for turnover of the Internet fast approaching why is this not a front-page issue and the lead story on every news channel controlled by the mainstream corporate media?  The answer is simple.  This is what your news will be like when foreign governments control what you can and can’t see.