NYC Mayor Turns Brooklyn Into War Zone Against Libertarians

ELDER PATRIOT – NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is a self-declared Socialist who is doing his best to turn his city into an armed camp as part of the Global-Marxist movement.

Evidence of de Blasio’s agenda is everywhere you look.  From NYC’s sanctuary city status to his trip to the G-20 Summit to lead the 100,000 anti-capitalist anarchist thugs that had descended on Hamburg, de Blasio has never left any doubt as to where he stood on protecting our nation’s borders.

That is why it comes as no surprise that under his watch Brooklyn is morphing into the world’s largest city sector No-Go Zone.  What should shock people, however, is the fact that Brooklyn has virtually the same population as Chicago – America’s third largest city – does.

The “not welcome” sign has been hung out for libertarians and Trump supporters with violent attacks on those who dare to show their allegiance to either.  Seventy-nine and a half percent of Brooklyn voters went for Hillary in 2016.  This level of homogenous thought should be frightening and it is – to the 17.5% of the population who voted in Trump.

Yesterday we chronicled the attack on a man whose only indiscretion was wearing a MAGA hat.  He was beaten and sliced with a broken beer bottle.  No words were exchanged just a stream of hate speech directed towards the victim, Jovanni Valle.

Today we report on Fox News contributor Kat Timpf who was in Brooklyn to speak on behalf a Fox colleague’s campaign event.

Ben Kissel, a political commentator and regular FNC guest, has thrown his hat into the ring to become Brooklyn’s next borough president and Timpf was there to say a few words on his behalf.

As Timpf was preparing to speak, the “Fox News Specialists” co-host was doused by a cowardly anarchist – albeit in a relatively timid way – who ran into the event, doused Timpf with water and then ran out.

While this instance may seem like little more than an inconvenience, it signals the desire to harm libertarians and to prevent them from speaking by deranged Brooklynites.  He just as easily could’ve sliced Timpf in the same manner as Valle was attacked.

It is also a possibility that Kissel is the ultimate target because he has dared to challenge de Blasio protégé Eric Adams who is the current Brooklyn borough president.  Perhaps this signals a strategy to isolate Kisself from his supporters in the same fashion that Trump’s opponents are encouraging his supporters to abandon the president.

Next time you’re paying the $15 toll to cross the Verrazano Bridge to enter Brooklyn it would be wise to make sure that anything that identifies your religious or political beliefs have been hidden from sight.