NY Post Op-Ed: Lockdown… IT NEEDS TO END NOW!!!

The march of the tyrants has to stop.  So says a So says a New York Post opinion piece.  An opinion piece thought important enough to become the focus of today’s cover…

According to the piece, churches are not deemed safe for their intended purposes… worship, but are appropriate to serve as bread lines for many multiples the amount of people:

Last Friday morning, some 3,500 New Yorkers lined up at a Catholic church in Queens to receive free food hours before it even opened, according to the New York Police Department. Catholic Charities has reported a 200 percent increase in demand over the past month and a half.

If that number of needy people was accurate, and they were practicing accepted social distancing mandates, the line would have stretched nearly four miles!  

The city is dying while its residents are paying exorbitant rents only to be close to now-shuttered bars, restaurants, jazz clubs, coffeehouses, pizza joints, and other “beloved haunts and storied rooms.”

Many of the tens of thousands of “joints” that combine to create the city’s “vibe” are gone and will not return.  Why?

The curve has been flattened.  Our hospitals are no longer under a siege of new patients.  Patients who await diagnosis for a myriad of diseases, from cancer to heart problems, are just as deserving of medical attention as those suffering from COVID-19.

“Never in the history of this great republic have we quarantined the healthy…”