Do Not Support Walmart’s Funding of Black Lives Matter. Boycott Walmart!!!

ELDER PATRIOT-  Under President Obama the pillars of a sane society have been turned against its citizens.  Nowhere has that been more evident than in the cooption of corporate America.

Obama focused his economic policies on helping corporation that were already “too large to fail” become even larger.  They did this through mergers and acquisitions that eliminated millions of higher paying jobs by making them redundant in the consolidated enterprise.  This increased the profitability of the new entity and drove stock prices that in turn drove the stock market higher.  This was the lone index Obama consistently turned to to convince his ignorant supporters that he “fixed” the economy.

The truth is he did “fix” the economy – he fixed it so that small business that has historically created 75% of new jobs couldn’t compete with the “big boys.”  This left record numbers of Americans without work.

Recently these same corporations began expanding their “war” on America.  We already know that companies like Kellogg’s have been pulling advertising from websites supportive of Donald Trump.

Now Walmart has become an official reseller of merchandise that supports Black Lives Matter.  You read that correctly – the world’s largest retailer is helping fund a domestic terrorist organization.  Just go to and search using the words “black lives matter” and you’ll find an extensive line of merchandise.

If you have any doubt that BLM is anything but a hate group that advocates the use of violence just watch this short video that chronicles one of their marches.

“What do we want? Dead cops!  When do we want that?  Now!

Since that time it has been open season on cops with more than two-dozen police senselessly ambushed across the country. 

Remember when Bill Clinton tried to silence Rush Limbaugh by blaming him for the Oklahoma City bombing?  The Left responded by boycotting the advertisers of his radio show in an attempt to shut him down.  This strategy was first used to silence orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant for expressing her personal opinion on homosexuality.

Now it’s our turn.  We already know that Black Lives Matter is funded by radical Leftists like George Soros and Tom Steyer. I first saw this reported in detail by Politico.

Do not help them fund Barack Obama’s race war against our civil society.

Boycott Walmart!  If they insist on manufacturing everything in China left them sell everything in China.