No Amount of Sugar Can Coat This: Rosenstein Should Be Impeached for Endangering National Security

Elder Patriot – Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was asked by the appropriate oversight committee to present certain text messages exchanged between FBI agents for the committee’s review.

Rosenstein denied that committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, access on the specious claim that it would endanger national security by exposing methods and sources.  At the time we questioned what sources and methods could possibly be compromised by revealing text messages that were exchanged between two employees working out of headquarters.

Now as some additional un-redacted texts have been turned over we now know the answer; it’s none.  Here is an example of the texts as they were turned over to the HPSCI. The redacted information is in red:

Now, for a committee investigating whether the FBI and DOJ were working to protect the Clinton presidential campaign and to damage the prospects of the Trump presidential campaign, this might be considered an important piece of evidence.

Motive, after all, is central to any investigation and plays an important role in tying seemingly unrelated bits of evidence together to make proofs.

The bottom line is that Rosenstein lied to the HPSCI using national security as the excuse when nothing of the sort was at risk.

If Rosenstein was trying to buy more time for Mueller to prove some wrongdoing by President Trump then he did just the opposite.

Handcuffing President Trump directly threatens national security.  It is obvious by now that President Trump is the only president in the past three decades who is truly concerned about national security.  No president since the great Ronaldo Magnus made it central to their agenda to improve America’s self-sufficiency on everything from financial security (balanced trade agreements), to protecting and improving our manufacturing base (manufacturing is essential to protecting the homeland against predatory financial interests and from foreign military aggression), to energy independence, to a massive and technologically advanced military that makes its use unnecessary.

And, covering for Hillary Clinton’s cavalier disregard for the federal statutes (18 U.S. Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information and 18 U.S. Code § 1519 – Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy) governing the handling and retention of classified information for the purpose of obscuring the FBI’s role while trying to install her as president of the United States further jeopardized national security.

If Clinton couldn’t be trusted handling the nation’s important secrets before she was president why would anyone at the FBI believe she could be trusted after being elected?

The likelihood is that Hillary and Bill had so corrupted the D.C. establishment to its core, that Obama had no choice but to play along from the beginning.  Does anybody question that Obama would have never withstood the Deep State assault like Donald Trump has been able to?

Obama had no choice but to do her bidding and do what damage he wanted to around the edges.

This is why Obama put himself in charge of this operation.  Hussein realized the risk that Trump posed to not only Hillary but to his treasonous arrangements  He wasn’t running the intelligence community’s war against Trump for Hillary’s benefit so much as he was running IC operation to keep his eight years of theft, corruption, and treason from being uncovered by an incoming legitimate administration.

This is how the Deep State keeps politicians in line.

Now that we’ve seen that redaction we are left asking why isn’t Rosenstein in handcuffs?