NFL Owners Apoplectic Over Trump’s Comments – Try to Blame Him For Social Division

Elder Patriot – President Trump promised to eschew political correctness during his campaign and, as with everything else he promised, he has been true to his word.

After eight months of taking pot shots from such intellectual giants as Colin Kaepernick, Steph Curry, and even Jamele Hill – all based in ignorance and lacking historical perspective – Trump began firing back.

At a political rally on Friday the president suggested that owners of sports teams should fire “any son of a bitch” who disrespects our flag and/or our national anthem.

Naturally, Trump’s comments drew a firestorm of criticism from the usual suspects causing him to dig in and double down on his (and, apparently the majority of American’s) reverence for the pre-game show of patriotism: 

This was a marvelous opportunity to open a dialogue about the value of engagement over recalcitrant entrenchment.  The NFL punted.

Surprisingly, the NFL’s billionaire owners have thrown all in behind commissioner Roger Goodell who they pay over $40 million annually to oversee their sport’s decline, and they have taken sides against Trump.

New York Giants’ owners John Mara and Steve Tisch released a harsh statement in response to President Trump:

“Comments like we heard last night from the president are inappropriate, offensive and divisive.  We are proud of our players, the vast majority of whom use their NFL platform to make a positive difference in our society.”

Whaaa?  The vast majority of NFL players do indeed make significant contributions to society but the NFL, and the league’s television partners, have gone to great pains to hide the sins of far too many of its players simply because they are bigger, faster, and stronger than the rest of us.

From domestic violence to murder, the NFL has ignored, and even defended, some of society’s worst offenders.  Ray Lewis not only got away with murder, the NFL’s marketing machine turned him into a revered elder statesman.

Mara and Tisch have no ground to stand on when they claim the president’s comments “are inappropriate, offensive, and divisive.”  Perhaps they think we have no memories. 

Less than two years ago, before the Republican primaries began, Roger Goodell allowed this unifying gesture to take place at halftime of Super Bowl L:

And, then the league released this equally divisive political message in the form of a posed picture:

Goodell had aligned the league behind President Obama’s racially divisive agenda and, in the process he alienated many patriotic Americans who viewed the league’s actions as, “inappropriate, offensive, and divisive” and who felt that the NFL had chosen sides against them.

After Super Bowl L Goodell continued his politicization of his league when he warned Atlanta Falcons team owner Arthur Blank that if the elected leaders in Georgia pass pending legislation that allows the denial of service based on religious beliefs the NFL may disqualify the Falcons’ bid to host upcoming Super Bowls.

Goodell was doing Obama’s bidding and using the same Obama bullying tactics that the Constitution forbids.  NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy released a carefully worded statement that appealed to the PC crowd:

“NFL policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.  Whether the laws and regulations of a state and local community are consistent with these policies would be one of many factors NFL owners may use to evaluate potential Super Bowl host sites.”

This was the NFL strong-arming one of its owners but it didn’t pass Constitutional muster because the law doesn’t require a denial of tolerance and inclusiveness.  The law permits it in instances where a violation of a person’s religious beliefs can be proven.  This is consistent with guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of one party while still allowing the other party access to the services it wants from competing vendors.

Any intelligent observer would conclude that Trump’s election was a result of actions like these by the NFL and seek to return to the mainstream of societal acceptance.

This raises the question, what don’t NFL owners like Mara and Tisch, who have allowed Goodell to significantly devalue their sport, understand about society and the law? 

We the people have already rendered our view since the league allowed it self to become a propaganda tool of the billionaire globalists.  NFL ratings have fallen significantly across all providers over the past seasons and so far 2017 is continuing that trend.

There are endless theories about the decline but the incredible growth of fantasy football should be drawing more eyeballs to the viewable platforms, not less.

The fact is Americans are sick of being told what their beliefs should be by players, announcers, commentators, and billionaire owners who are overpaid, undereducated, pampered because of their God-given athletic abilities, ungracious and unthankful, lack humility and have a higher opinion of themselves than is warranted, and who are themselves “offensive and divisive.”

To be clear, professional athletes have every right to express their views.  In fact, it is their obligation, as is everyone else’s obligation to do so.  The Framers gave us the First Amendment following a difficult war for freedom.  Clearly their intent was political free speech and not to guarantee access to pornography or to burn the flag that they sacrificed so much to give life and meaning to.

Charles Barkley understands and recognizes racism when he sees it.  Yet, he disagreed with Seth Curry’s decision to boycott the White House.  Instead he suggested there was much more to be gained had Curry opted to meet with the president and engage with him.

There’s a reason Barkley is dismissed by his peers as a controversial flamethrower – he makes too much sense.  Sense is the enemy of propaganda.  And propaganda is the fuel of divisiveness.

As for Kaepernick, he like every NFL quarterback could’ve shown respect for our flag and our anthem and barnstormed on ESPN, certainly a friendly platform for his views.

The fact is anyone who wants to enter the political arena best understand that they will eventually be required to explain themselves and it’s hard to see how a black man who was adopted at birth and who was paid close to $17 million to serve as a back-up has been harshly put upon by society.

Racism does exist and the NFL’s SB L halftime show stands as proof.  And, yes even well compensated people can’t escape it.  I know because I’ve been the victim of it.  Racism cuts in all directions and is a sad fact of life that will never change.  I don’t hold blacks in contempt for the actions of two ignorant degenerates, and, neither should blacks that have encountered white jackasses paint us all with the racism brush.

In a free society you can’t criminalize thought – though the Left is trying to do exactly that – you can only criminalize action.  Taking a knee or boycotting the White House won’t foster understanding.  It will only create further entrenchment on all sides. 

There is a bright side to all of this.  As ratings decline, revenue declines.  That leaves less money in the networks’ kitty to keep their biased news reporting – that loses money – afloat.

Everyday, no matter the issue, we’re reminded how lucky we are to have Donald Trump as our president.