Newly Released Unbiased Poll Is Devastating for Hillary Clinton. Trump Can Start Measuring the White House Drapes

ELDER PATRIOT – Earlier today we detailed how desperate Hillary Clinton must be to have blamed the Russians for a series of email hacks to both the Democratic National Committee and her campaign computers absent a single shred of evidence, credible or otherwise.  We stopped short of saying her internal polling necessitated the Hail Mary claim but only after redacting it from our story after we had written it.

Now a new poll suggests our assumption was correct.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 4.53.15 PM

Clinton’s sycophants will argue that WikiLeaks is not a respected polling organization and the poll was conducted in an “unscientific” manner and therefore the results are not to be deemed reliable or accurate in any way.  These same people demand that we trust polling performed by the mainstream media that virtually all of us know cannot be trusted to be unbiased with anything else that they report.  What makes the poll’s discrepancy with their polls any different from their usual discrepancy with the truth?

The huge margin favoring Trump in this poll versus the polls of the mainstream media raise an extremely serious question.  Is the electoral fix in for Trump as it was for Bernie Sanders?  It’s a legitimate question considering what we’ve learned from the previous 20,000 DNC emails leaked already by WikiLeaks.