Newly Released Texts Reveal FBI Running Mueller Investigation

Ostensibly, the mission of a special counsel is to operate independent of political considerations and to get to the truth.  In actuality, special counsels are no less subject to political pressure than anyone else in government even if that means burying the truth. 

And, here’s where proof of the Deep State’s espionage-formed coup to overturn the results of the 2016 election is becoming more evident with every drip of text messages, emails and documents that are finally released by the DOJ and FBI that only come under court order.

Lets start with last night when former FBI Director James Comey admitted he had no idea who paid for the Steele Dossier.  That defies credulity.  One of his employees brings him salacious information that can sink a presidential candidate and he failed to ask where it came from?  Let that sink in.

As unbelievable at that wasthat wasn’t a standalone single incident.  When the DNC claimed they had been hacked by Russians, Comey never insisted on doing a forensic examination of those servers to verify the claim. 

These two acts cannot be dismissed as an act of malfeasance by some low-level newbie.  The only conclusion that a reasonable reviewer can come to is that Comey was operating the FBI as an adjunct of the Democratic Party at least to some degree.

Now new text messages seem to confirm not only was that the case, but that he had staffed the entire executive suite with like-minded individuals intent on protecting and advancing Obama, Clinton and the Deep State.

Once President Trump fired Comey, the jilted director became determined to have a special counsel appointed.  Why?  Trump had every right to do so and no one knew better than Comey that he deserved to be removed.  Remember, Trump’s decision came after he received a letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommending Comey’s firing. 

Trump had plenty of other intelligence supplied to him by others warranting Comey’s firing but Rosenstein’s letter appeared to give a clear go ahead from the top of the DOJ to do it.  After Trump acted on Rosenstein’s recommendation, Rosenstein stabbed the president in the back and appointed a special counsel only weeks later.

The 49 pages containing approximately 300 text messages between the FBI’s Peter Strzok and DOJ attorney Lisa Page give a much clearer picture of just how incestuous Robert Mueller’s appointment to special counsel actually was and continues to be.

  PS LP Text Messages Dec 2016 May 2017 by Peter Hasson on Scribd

President Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017.  Two days later the following text provides confirmation that the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Richard Burr (R-NC) had been convinced by Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-VA) to agree to a special counsel.  Based on what evidence?

The first text seems to confirm that DAG (Rosenstein) had agreed to have the FBI coordinate an investigation even though there was no evidence of any wrong doing by the president. 

The second text, coming only a minute later, reveals Rosenstein had already coordinated with Warner for the appointment of a special counsel even though Rosenstein called for Comey’s firing only a few days earlier.  What changed in Rosenstein’s world to come to that conclusion? 

It’s likely nothing changed and that was the plan from the time Trump was elected.

Almost a year later, on March 12, 2018 we detailed Warner’s involvement with both the FBI and Russian Oligarchs in attempting to develop some credibility for the dossier that Comey had failed to do.  Warner cannot be trusted.

This at least smacks of the Deep State using the levers of government to protect itself and undo the results of the 2016 election.

But, despite the heavy redactions of the remaining texts, additional evidence suggests that the FBI was orchestrating things with the special counsel from their end. 

This started with leaks to the Washington Post and the New York Times on May 17th, both reliable info and narrative dumps for the Deep State to spread its propaganda:

Only four hours after those texts comes one referencing the Gang of Eight who have ascended to their lofty intelligence positions only because the rogue intelligence agencies know they can be counted on to protect them.

Recruiting those responsible (Gang of 8) would be crucial because to the public they are the ones charged with oversight of the intel agencies.  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes refused to go along and alerted the new president that things were amiss.  That was why he was attacked and impugned until he recused himself.

By early the following morning discussions had already taken place with Aaron Zebley who had been Robert Mueller’s Chief of Staff when Mueller was the Director at the FBI. 

But Mueller wasn’t appointed until the following day so why was the FBI assembling his team and what influence would they hold over the special counsel’s investigation going forward?

Zebley eventually joined the special counsel team.

The picture that emerges from the string of text messages is that the FBI was pulling Mueller’s strings.  But, even if that stopped at some point, how could Mueller be trusted to render a fair and impartial investigation by anyone other than those purported to be colluding to end Trump’s presidency.

After all, Mueller came from the FBI.  His first instincts are to trust their work.  But in this instance the essence of his investigation was to determine not only if Donald Trump had acted improperly but also whether those who were accusing him of acting improperly – CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and FBI Director James Comey – had themselves improperly and illegally used the levers of government to stage a bloodless coup.

Even if Mueller hadn’t been neck deep in the swamp himself, his prejudices towards the agencies that were conspiring against Trump should’ve disqualified him for the job of special counsel.  There was never going to be a legitimate investigation of the criminal misconduct at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, or the Obama White House, which was necessarily the other side of any corruption or collusion investigation.

This is the way the Washington swamp protects itself.  The foxes, validated by the propaganda of the mainstream media, assign one of their own to guard the hen house. 

The Trump presidency hung on one thin thread.  It was the determination of the lone honest member of the Gang of Eight – Devin Nunes.