Newly Elected Congresswoman Tracking To Be The Next Maxine Waters

ELDER PATRIOT – Maxine Waters promised to “take his ass apart” when Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson appeared before her in committee.

Carson’s rise from a Detroit housing project to a world-renowned pediatric brain surgeon should stand as an inspirational example to impoverished inner city children.  Waters views Carson differently.

Waters is claiming of Carson, “He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave.”

Hey Maxine, does your love for people in public housing explain why you seem intent on keeping them there and dependent on government?  If they ever realized what was possible in life and how she held them back they’d drop her like a sack of sh*t.

There’s just no room for personal responsibility in Mad Max’s world of political constituents.

Well here comes another congresswoman, Val Demings, who doesn’t believe in personal responsibility, either.

Demings, the U.S. Representative from Florida’s 10th Congressional District, won election after Obama gerrymandered her district so that it was 20% more Democratic than before.

Prior to her election Demings had been the Police Chief of Orlando.  On the evening of February 27, 2009, her agency-issued 9 mm handgun as well as ammunition was stolen from her vehicle, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel

Demings reckless disregard in the handling of her weapon earned her a written censure. 

Demings’ story goes downhill from there.  On May 3, 2017 Demings, now a U.S. congresswoman, posted this to her Facebook page:

Fair enough, it’s a political position we might not agree with but it’s within her right to believe and expound upon it.

It wasn’t until one of her constituents challenged her that we got a look into who she really is.


Demings sought the position of Police Chief and a place in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Nobody begged her to take those positions.  She pursued them and to now cavalierly excuse her failures is unacceptable.  Congress is already full of excuse makers.

Demings’ carelessness in protecting her constituents stinks of the same hypocrisy that Maxine Waters’ spews when she says she cares about “her people in public housing” and then does everything she can to keep them there.

Hey Val what do you say to Black Lives Matter?  You know, “cops make mistakes and people die.”  This might be excused if you were a rookie, though I somehow doubt it.  But, you were the freakin’ Chief of Police!!! 

Congresswoman Demings’ reckless disregard for properly securing her gun has put a firearm and ammunition in the hands of a criminal.  No amount of background checks and no extended waiting periods imposed on responsible law-abiding citizens will change that.

When contacted for comment, Demings’ communications director stated, “No, she will have no comment on that. Thank you.” Then she hung up the phone.

At least she didn’t blame President Trump or call him a scumbag like Mad Max did but give her time, she’s only been in Washington for 6 months.