New York Times Exposes Obama: Feckless, Incompetent Liar’s Russian Hacking Story Falls Apart

ELDER PATRIOT – Obama’s hissy fit that saw him expel 35 Russians from the United States based on what is at this time flimsy evidence put an exclamation point on his failures as a domestic policy maker and our nation’s top diplomat. 

It also showed his allegiance to maintaining the international tectonic plates that bind us to the emerging new world order, bonds that Donald Trump has openly questioned as the dynamics of the inter-governmental relationships between the nations of the world have changed since they were first formed after WWII.

Until proof is offered that Russia actually hacked the elections – meaning they successfully altered the vote totals – Obama stands in a puddle of disgrace of his own making having exposed himself as a feckless incompetent liar.

When Obama took office the United States was the world’s lone super power.  As he prepares to hand the presidency over to Donald Trump he is asking us to believe that the infiltration of John Podesta’s and the DNC’s computers by Russian hackers – if it wasn’t done by Seth Rich or others as Wikileaks’ Julian Assange maintains – violates international norms and may warrant military action against them.

For that to be true Obama would first have to prove that we along with other nations aren’t in the business of hacking foreign governments.  He can’t.  Everyone is hacking everyone else, as a Google search will prove.  And it’s been going on since the birth of the Internet.

Does Obama want us to believe we don’t do this?  That’s asking us to accept the fact that our government, through the N.S.A., has developed the world’s most extensive and expensive cyber spying networks to track its own citizens but refrains from employing that expertise to protect those same citizens.

That’s simply not the case as the New York Times has documented many times in the past.

In June of this year the Times documented just how pervasive and nefarious foreign hacking has become.

The Times interviewed Gene and Lori Cate who own a small business in Belleville Wisconsin:

“…like many small businesses, they have a dusty old computer humming away in the back office. On this one, however, an unusual spy-versus-spy battle is playing out: The machine has been taken over by Chinese hackers.

“The hackers use it to plan and stage attacks.


“On a recent Thursday, the hackers’ targets appeared to be a Silicon Valley food delivery start-up, a major Manhattan law firm, one of the world’s biggest airlines, a prominent Southern university and a smattering of targets across Thailand and Malaysia.”


“Remarkably, many attacks rely on a tangled maze of compromised computers including those mom-and-pop shops like Cate Machine & Welding. The hackers aren’t after the Cates’ data. Rather, they have converted their server, and others like it, into launch pads for their attacks.

“These servers offer the perfect cover. They aren’t terribly well protected, and rarely, if ever, do the owners discover that their computers have become conduits for spies and digital thieves. And who would suspect the Cate family?”

The hacking of the Cate’s computer was discovered by three former N.S.A. analysts Blake Darche, Oren Falkowitz, and Phil Syme who had founded their own cyber security firm named Area 1.

The Times reports that, The three sat side by side at Fort Meade, tracking and, in some cases, penetrating adversaries’ weapons systems for intelligence.”

Now the Times and other mainstream establishment media outlets are carrying Obama and Clinton’s water claiming the outgoing president and the woman he chose to succeed him were blindsided by Russian hackers contradicting previous stories that they’ve run.

This would mean that both the president and his secretary of state who was responsible for working with the Department of Defense to protect our country were ignorant to a fault or lying to us.

We are left to conclude that either two small business owners from a small Midwestern town are more knowledgeable about the threats to our national security interests than Obama and Clinton are or they are lying to us.

That should come as no surprise to anyone.  They’ve both been lying to us since they first arrived in Washington.