New Polls: Trump Ascending – Hillary Tanking!

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has been running a terrible campaign over the past month both, of her own making (Trumps supporters are a basket of “deplorables”) and the revelations coming from the release of her emails that show a clear pattern of deceit and unlawful behavior, and as a result of her deteriorating health that has become impossible to hide.

The result is that a poll that Mrs. Clinton once led by five points has totally reversed itself and now finds Trump five points ahead according to data released this morning. 

The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll show Donald Trump enjoying a ten-point swing in support among voters over the past month and now leading by five points.

Where the presidential race stands today_ The USC Dornsife _ Los Angeles Times poll - Los Angeles Times

Now that Trump has moderated his tone, support for him has grown to within seven tenths of a point of his previous high-level mark coming out of the Republican National Convention.

At the same time voters are deserting Mrs. Clinton in droves as the extent of her corruption and health problems are becoming more widely known.  She’s lost three points off of her support in just the last three days.

Even more good news for Trump comes from Ohio – the ultimate swing state – where a Bloomberg News poll has Donald leading by 5 points this morning.  No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.

From the Bloomberg poll:


Trump supporters would do well to temper their enthusiasm.  While this certainly signals a significant shift in the current contest this is all likely to change as early as next week when, it is being reported, Hillary Clinton will be forced to step aside due to her worsening physical condition.

Still, Trump backers can take heart that his growing support is indicative that more voters are becoming comfortable with him as their president lest they would be rallying to other candidates or falling into other categories such as undecided or not voting at all.