New Polls Are Great News For Donald Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Just released polls from Quinnipiac and Monmouth show Donald Trump on his way to winning the presidency.  With the Republican convention set to begin on Monday Trump should soon enjoy a post convention bounce that will catapult him even further ahead of Hillary Clinton who is going to continue to be harangued by the scandals resulting from her corrupt ways.

Quinnipiac pollsters found Trump leading Mrs. Clinton in Pennsylvania by 6 points, in Florida by 5 points, and in Ohio by a point when all of the presidential candidates are offered for the poll’s respondents to consider.

The Monmouth poll released yesterday finds Trump leading a four-way race in Iowa by 2 points.

This effectively flips Obama’s 2012 electoral map meaning if voters in the other states remain consistent, as current polls indicates they will, Trump leads Hillary 264 electoral votes to 246.  A Trump win in either of the toss-up states of Virginia or North Carolina will result in Donald Trump being the next president.

There’s also the distinct possibility that Trump’s post election bounce will put other states into play that Mrs. Clinton has been counting on to be safely in her column.

Trump is likely to pick up support from voters now backing one of the third party candidates as we get closer to the election, as well.  This has been the case in the past as voters have historically decided it’s better to choose one of the major party candidates rather than see their votes wasted.

Clinton’s road to victory has become considerably more doubtful.  She must win North Carolina and hold all of the other states.  That will be unlikely for multiple reasons.

First, she has already spent tens of millions of dollars in these key battleground states on negative advertising aimed at defining Trump.  The fact that she’s fallen further in the polls following these blistering ads indicates that Trump has already reached his bottom and is now on the way up as people are paying more attention and learning more about him.

Then, there’s also the national security questions surrounding Mrs. Clinton caused by her cavalier use of an illegal email server that exposed U.S. secrets, her sale of U.S. Uranium reserves to the Russians in exchange for $125 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton’s overall view of the sale of United States assets as a means of personal enrichment.

Finally, after 24 years in Washington D.C. Mrs. Clinton is running as the incumbent proclaiming on the campaign trail that she would be President Obama’s third term. 

At this point Mrs. Clinton is a known quantity and that means if she hasn’t closed the deal with voters by now it’s likely she never will.  It’s looking more and more like she has reached her high-water mark and it’s probably downhill from here.  The view from here says she will only be able to watch as support is increasingly peeled away from her as we get closer to the election and undecided voters begin breaking heavily for Trump as Independents already have begun doing.