New Poll: Trump Supporters 39% More Informed Than Clinton Supporters

ELDER PATRIOT – Just Facts bills itself as “a Resource for Independent Thinkers.”  They’ve released a poll this past Tuesday that finds, “Voters are broadly ignorant about issues that impact them.” 

Tell us something we don’t know.  They do!  The poll finds that Mrs. Clinton’s are, for the most part dumb as dirt.  Sixty nine percent of her supporters are completely ignorant about the issues that underlie the reasons they say they are supporting her.

The survey of 700 people finds that the most ignorant people are those supporting Hillary Clinton.  Only 31% of those supporting Mrs. Clinton were able to answer the poll’s questions correctly. 

The poll also discovered that on issues that are central to her campaign’s message they were downright stupid:

“The highest levels of ignorance were found on questions related to child hunger, tax burdens, health insurance copayments, landfills, and Social Security finances. In these cases, less than 25% of voters provided the correct answer, and in one case, only 6% of voters did.” 

Throughout the course of Hillary’s campaign we’ve heard that uneducated people make up the core of Donald Trump’s support.  Now we find out that Hillary’s “college educated” supporters are victims of indoctrination not education at our nation’s “great” universities and they’ve paid dearly for that experience.

Even worse, Clinton’s supporters have been allowing the bias of their Marxist professors to influence their view of events and their decision-making years after leaving college, rather than doing the hard work of understanding the issues to arrive at unbiased conclusions.