NEW POLL: Trump Gains Among ‘Suburban Women,’ African-Americans, Hispanic Voters – Winning Against Divisive Media

Elder Patriot – | Hidden in the granular details of President Trump’s soaring popularity – he’s five points ahead of where Obama stood at the same point in his first term – is surprising support among suburban women, blacks, and Hispanics.

Suburban women – aka soccer moms – are moving towards President Trump because of his determination to build the wall along our southern border.  These moms see that as one way to address their deteriorating neighborhoods, the high incident of drug problems, and their daughters’ safety.

That concern is reflected by the five-point gap – 45-40% – by which they favor President Trump’s National Emergency declaration:

Support for Trump among Black voters is even more striking.  In 2016 Trump garnered 8 percent of the black vote:

The recent Zogby Analytics poll shows an amazing 24% of Blacks approve of President Trump today!

Even more amazing is the current 40 percent of Hispanic voters who, despite the media conflation of President Trump’s determination to end illegal immigration with racial hatred, are hearing his message and agree with him.

In 2016 only 29 percent of Hispanic voters pulled the lever for Donald Trump.

All of this explains why the Democrats’ propaganda arm – the mainstream media – relentlessly hammering Trump on sexism, racism, and xenophobia.  They are desperate to maintain what base of voters they do have when they seek to regroup for 2024.

Perhaps the most interesting statistics to come out of this poll has been Trump’s ability to cast more blame on the mainstream media’s role in dividing Americans along racial, gender, and political lines than they have been able to place the blame on him – 72% to 64%.