New Poll Reveals Establishment More Despised Than Roy Moore Is

Elder Patriot – The latest poll conducted entirely after the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore were aired, shows Moore still leading Democrat Doug Jones by 6 points.

FOX10 News | WALA

The poll was conducted by FOX10 News/Strategy Research. 

The mainstream media will paint this as further proof that Alabamans are ignorant, right wing hillbillies because the poll contradicts the mainstream media’s narrative that Americans were rejecting Trump’s agenda following Democrat Gubernatorial wins in deep blue states.

In fact, Alabamans are affirming just the opposite.  They are all in for Trump.

Alabamans are simply embracing the Democrat practice of saying “so what” to charges of sexual impropriety, especially impropriety that, if it did occur, took place more than 38 years ago.

The voters of Alabama are right to say where is the outrage over Democrat Senator Robert Menendez, Democrat House member Barney Frank, and Democrat president Bill Clinton, all of whom abused their office by engaging in sex with underage person.  In Moore’s case, they have chosen to ignore the decades old charges that have only now surfaced.

Perhaps Alabamans are considering the past 38 years as proof that Moore has overcome his demons, something that Democrats are always asking us to do for sex offenders.  After all, didn’t Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe restore the right to vote of 200,000 convicted felons?

Or, perhaps voters are simply satisfied that Moore will fit in perfectly with the current crop of sexual predators walking the halls of Congress.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said yesterday that the House has paid out $15 million over the last decade to settle sexual harassment lawsuits arising from members’ aberrant behavior.  Taxpayers paid these settlements because those noble icons of virtue legislatively shielded themselves from having to pay for their sexual indiscretions. 

Speier also stated there are two current members of Congress, one Republican, and one Democrat who have sexually harassed people.

That legislation, shielding House members from personal liability, raises the questions as to how and why it was able to get the backing of a majority of representatives?  Hmm?

What’s happening in Alabama is only shocking if you’ve been ignoring the Trump phenomena and have bought into the mainstream media’s globalist narrative that Trump’s election was a mistake and that the same voters who elected him are now having second thoughts.

I’m sorry to burst their narrative.

Alabamans are giving the middle finger to the establishment, preferring to send a man with what appears to be a clean record for at least 38 years and the commitment to supporting Trump’s agenda, rather than support the current crop of establishmentarians who long ago stopped representing the interests of working class Americans while protecting themselves from the results of their own sexual improprieties.