New Poll: Majority of Americans Distrust Special Counsel Mueller and the FBI – Want Clinton Investigated

Elder Patriot – It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Democrats had expected Obama’s Deep State plants, that controlled the seventeen intelligence agencies, to have already disposed of President Trump.

They underestimated the courage and determination of the man.

The most recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll conducted by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn reveals a different political landscape than the Dems had hoped for.  The poll shows that Americans have grown weary of Mueller and the FBI’s dishonest attempts to take down this president.

Fifty-four percent of respondents say special counsel Robert Mueller has conflicts of interest that prevent him from doing an unbiased job.  That’s astounding considering only 32% of the respondents identified themselves as Republican.

Even if every Republican had expressed distrust of Mueller’s investigation that still leaves 32% of non-Republicans thinking something is rotten with the special counsel.  In fact, since only 31% of the respondents identified as Independents that means even some die-hard Democrats also were suspicious of Mueller, albeit a very small number.

Penn noted that during the investigation into Bill Clinton the special counsel was never seen as having a conflict of interest.

Even more shocking is that the once revered FBI is now perceived by 63% of those polled as deliberately obstructing providing evidence in its possession to the Congressional subcommittee investigating both Clinton and Trump!

Adding to the woes of Democrats who rolled everything on Mueller successfully ending the Trump presidency, this poll was conducted before the full extent of the FBI’s head of counter intelligence Peter Strzok’s plan to use the intelligence community to destroy candidate Trump’s electoral chances and, if that failed, to derail his presidency, had not yet to become public.

The Democrats were so committed to discrediting President Trump that not even a single Dem crossed the aisle to work with him.  Now we are on the verge of historic tax reform and the Dems missed an opportunity to negotiate even a single plank of it.

Whatever demagoguery they have spewed in opposition to the tax bill will bite them in their hindquarters once the bill has been in effect for a year.  Trump’s economy is already nearing a 4% growth rate and yesterday the Wall Street Journal predicted another 1.3% growth in GDP next year as a result of the proposed tax reform that will pass both houses of congress by tonight.

So where does that leave the Dems?

Nowhere good, that’s for sure.

Sixty-one percent want the funding of the salacious GPS Fusion dossier to be investigated while 58% consider that if Hillary Clinton and the Democrats funded the work, it could not be used against Trump.   The FBI has refused to answer whether the dossier was used to secure a FISA warrant despite repeated requests to do so.

A whopping 65 percent want an investigation of the Uranium One deal – the deal that netted the Clinton Foundation $140 million in foreign-based contributions that was never disclosed.

Democrats have to be lamenting the day they bought into the idea of impeaching Trump.  Not only has he weathered their attacks but the integrity of the FBI and special counsel – important cogs in the Democrats’ ability to get their fellow Senators and Representatives to toe the line – have been seriously diminished in the eyes of the public.  And by extension and through investigation, so has the reputations of every other Intel agency. 

Chuck Schumer’s warning to the newly elected Trump that the intelligence community has six ways to Sunday to bring him down, no longer has any merit.

Even more stunning, the public now wants the allegations against the Democrats’ Queen Bee, who they defended without regard for the facts as they came to light, to be fully investigated.  That cannot end well for them.  Does anyone think that Barack Obama can escape being implicated after a full investigation?

Either we are going to discover that Congressional Dems were up to the necks in the Clinton’s criminal syndicate or they will have been complicit in hiding their criminal and treasonous behavior.

As much as I distrust the current make-up of the Republican Party, the Democrats long ago surrendered to Obama’s Marxist ideology and Clinton’s greed. 

Now thanks to their own foolishness, greed, avarice, and a steel-spine opponent, the Democrats are facing long dark months of reckoning.