New Clinton Ad Incites Racial Discord

Hillary Clinton is losing the Democratic Party’s stranglehold on the Black vote.  She’s not in any danger of Blacks suddenly running to register as Republicans but she is in danger of falling below the 85% support level that Democrats need to win national elections.

Big Data Analytics are indicating that Donald Trump is getting the support of 26% of Black voters. If this holds, there is no reason to believe it won’t, it would have a devastating effect on the Democratic Party up and down their ticket in November.

Trump’s message of unity and prosperity is resonating among every demographic of Americans who are anxious to put the politics of division, as well as their own personal financial decline behind them after eight years of the Obama presidency.

Trump’s inroads with Blacks has Hillary playing defense and still trying to unify her base at a time she should be reaching across the aisle and courting the other side.  It’s a difficult proposition for a woman who had thirty years to do something to help them but didn’t.

This has left Mrs. Clinton playing the race card trying to scare the Black community from voting for Donald Trump in similar fashion to her Democrat forbearers who founded the Ku Klux Klan to scare people from voting for Republicans at the time of the Civil War.

To do this Mrs. Clinton had the cast of “Empire” endorse her for her support of the racist and militant terrorist movement Black Lives Matter. 

Apparently Donald Trump’s belief that all lives matter isn’t good enough.  That leaves one to ponder why?  Wouldn’t a similar ad, run under a similar set of circumstances but saying “White Lives Matter,” be rejected as code for White supremacy? 

The question that each of these self-aggrandized race baiters need to answer is, in light of the worsening economic plight and living conditions that inner city Blacks have endured over the eight years of Obama’s presidency how much were you paid to sell out your brothers and sisters?