New Ad Defines What’s at Stake in Georgia Six Special Election

ELDER PATRIOT – Congressional Democrats and their strategists have been courting violence against President Trump and members of his party since the campaign.  It reached its boiling point last week when one of the Democrats’ most ardent supporters attempted to assassinate Republican Steve Scalise.

Scalise lies in a hospital in critical condition with many surgeries still ahead of him.  The Democrats’ response was to blame President Donald Trump.  Seriously.

They didn’t call for moderation from within their ranks instead they furthered the ginned up animus that they have built against the president. 

Dem strategist James Devine, all 5’3” of him, tweeted this only days after Scalise had been shot.

Now laying the actions a rogue hate-filled Democrat strategist at the feet of the entire party would be wrong except for the fact that the party did not rise to denounce their disgusting little troll.

The Democrats are so committed to their strategy of fanning the flames of hate against President Trump – and apparently every Republican – that they decided to do nothing to douse that hatred even for a period of time.

The Principle Leadership Pac had enough of the Democrats agenda of hate and obstruction and released this advertisement is support of Karen Handel, the Republican in tomorrow’s Georgia’s special election to fill the seat left vacant by Tom Price, in the closing days of this race:

The ad features these words written across the screen: “The unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans.”

The add calls on voters stop Handel’s Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff if they want to stop the vitriol coming from unhinged leftists.

The ad is being denounced by both campaigns but frankly believing comity will be restored anytime soon is naïve.  The Democrats’ entire strategy for the foreseeable future is founded on keeping the fires of hatred burning.