#NeverTrump Republicans Join Black Lives Matter Protestors

ELDER PATRIOT – The desperation to end the Trump Liberation Movement has reached epic proportions because Hillary Clinton is in the throes of self-annihilation.  On a daily basis we are learning that the extent to her corrupt abuse of the public trust appears to only be limited by the list of national assets she hasn’t yet sold or leveraged for her personal enrichment. 

This has left the #NeverTrump crowd with a mortally damaged candidate around who to rally in the final months of the presidential campaign.  Donald Trump now has a clear path to the presidency and with it the political capital to ferret out of government every corrupt politician who succumbed to the Clinton cash machine.

The Clinton campaign always knew that its ethically challenged candidate could only win the presidency if they were able to convince voter’s that Donald Trump is even more untrustworthy, dishonest, and unstable than Hillary is.

That strategy is now coming unraveled as Trump tours the nation delivering sound policy speeches and looking quite presidential while Mrs. Clinton is spending her time attending fundraisers with high stakes donors.  In light of yesterday’s revelations by the New York Post detailing how Hillary leveraged her power as Secretary of State for donations to her personal charity, these “fundraisers” might be better characterized as influence peddling parties.   

All of this is bringing out the crazies of the #NeverTrump movement.  Travis County Republican Party Chairman Robert Morrow is one of those loonies.  He ran his own protest outside of Trump’s town hall that was hosted by Sean Hannity last night.  He accused Donald Trump of being a child rapist before joining with Black Lives Matter thugs in disrupting the live broadcast inside the Moody Theater in Austin.

Who is this lunatic?  I’ll let his tweets speak for him:



(H/T Gawker)

This bomb-throwing psychotic is the face of the #NeverTrump movement.  While Trump crisscrosses America addressing the serious issues confronting Americans, the #NeverTrump crowd, unable to defend two decades of failed policies, has dropped the veneer of conservatism and have resorted to the politics of character assassination previously only reserved for the Clinton campaign and other churlish Marxists.

This has always been the final play of soon to be toppled Oligarchies.