Never Forget that Mainstream and Social Media Crushed the Reach of Everyone Who Reported on this Prior to and After the 2016 Presidential Election…

Mainstream and social media cannot be trusted to report the truth.  Even worse, both media sources are now brazenly lying to us where early in their war against conservatism and Donald Trump they merely failed to permit truthful reporting.

Months prior to the 2016 presidential election the NYPD seized the laptop of sexting perv Anthony Weiner.  Weiner is married to Huma Abedin who was Hillary Clinton’s everything… her top aide, always at Clinton’s side, and… well, let’s just say there were rumors.

Weiner’s laptop was reported to be a treasure trove of sickening evidence that had the seasoned NYPD police officers who examined it throwing up.  It also contained hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails that had been scrubbed from the hard drive of her illicit server.

From pages 293 and 294 of the IG Report:

“Thousands of emails… Hillary Clinton… Foundation… Crime Against Children…”

The New York Times first reported that Hillary Clinton used a private email server on March 2, 2015 while she was still serving as secretary of State.  This was a clear violation of the Espionage Act.

Rather than demand to know the extent, if any, of the damage to our national security and our assets in the field, the media – mainstream and social – covered for her when she destroyed the contents of the server’s hard drive.

Those who conspired with, or were aware of the contents of Clinton’s emails, were allowed to destroy their devices.

Nothing to see here folks.  

When the contents of Weiner’s laptop first surfaced, the DOJ and FBI did everything within their power to prevent the contents from becoming known. 

The NYPD seized the laptop on or around September 25, 2016.  The SDNY (DOJ) took possession of the laptop shortly thereafter.

SDNY first alerted Deputy Director Andrew McCabe at the FBI office in Washington DC on September 28th, 2016 after finding many hundreds of thousands of emails on Weiner’s laptop. 

All of this took place well in advance of the November election.

The SDNY remained in possession of the laptop until someone from New York called “Main Justice” (the DOJ National Security Division in DC) to complain that they weren’t going to take the fall for sitting on such critical evidence just prior to the election.

Those FBI agents charged with investigating Hillary Clinton didn’t seek a search warrant until more than a month later, on October 30th.  By then there was virtually no time to cull through the hundreds of thousands of emails that had been found. But the FBI claimed they did, anyway.

A cynic might argue that compromise is the currency used to keep Washington’s political class in line and, with Hillary Clinton’s threat to leave the earth scorched if she were ever outed, it was imperative to bury the evidence… Count us among those cynics.

More so now that former longtime federal prosecutor Sidney Powell confirmed that the contents of Weiner’s laptop implicated the golden calf himself, President Obama.

During her tenure working for the DOJ Powell personally witnessed, as she characterized it, “the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power.” 

For Powell, at this point nothing she hears regarding corruption at the FBI or DOJ shocks her.

Powell: The reason that Hillary had to be protected was because he (President Obama) was writing her on that secret server using an alias which shows that he damn well knew and approved in advance of the secret unsecured server…

… The Anthony Weiner laptop… [contained] about 675,000 emails… it was all the Clinton emails…

… I heard that New York police officers who saw some of it, even though they’re hardened investigators, literally had to go throw up…

How is this information still not widely known?  Because the media doesn’t want you to know about it.  We began reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s illegal email server in early 2015.  We reported on the contents of Athony Weiner’s laptop in August of 2016.

The mainstream media either ignored this story or labeled those of us who did report on her malfeasance, conspiracy theorists.

Social media squashed our reach when we began presenting too much evidence, or our reports became too specific.  

It’s all here:

Clinton server:

Weiner laptop:

Erik Prince:

Clinton Pedo:

The same media – mainstream and social – lied to us about Russia, obstruction, Robert Mueller, Ukraine, and who knows what else…

Why are they afraid of our reporting if we’re peddling fake news?