Ned Ryun: Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming

Ned Ryun is the founder and chief executive officer of American Majority, an organization devoted to identifying and training grassroots candidates for state and local elections.

Like the president that he supports, Ryun has proven what one man can do to affect the political system.  In 2011, when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was under attack for trying to restore common sense to the state’s budgetary processes, Ryun stepped up.

While liberal protestors and members of Wisconsin labor unions filled the Wisconsin State Capitol demanding that the Act 10 legislation be defeated, Ryun and other organizations affiliated with the Tea Party organized a February 19 counter-rally to support Wisconsin governor Scott Walker outside of the state capitol building.

Act 10 passed and Gov. Walker was eventually reelected.

As we watch protesters fight for their freedom on the streets of Hong Kong absent the leverage of a Second Amendment to protect their human rights, Ryun penned a warning to the ruling elites in Washington.

With ever increasing numbers of Americans coming to the realization that the most powerful force in Washington isn’t the one in the majority, but rather the coalition of self-serving political elites who exist to enrich themselves at the expense of our progeny.

“… is there really a point to Congress in its current form? Serious question. It gets slapped around every single day by the administrative state and the courts. Then they have the gall to tell the people, “By golly, we’re out here working so hard you gotta send us back to Congress so re-elect us.” Why precisely? So they can rubber-stamp more spending, tack on a few more cool trillions to our exploding debt?…

“… What about the values Americans are supposed to believe in? Rule of law is a farce. And at this point, the idea of Lady Justice being blind and meeting out justice even-handedly borders on the absurd. Quite frankly, speaking of Lady Justice, I haven’t seen her lately. I assume she got mugged in some seamy back alley of the Swamp or offed herself, Epstein-style. Until I actually see the equal application of the law I’m just going to safely assume the current bifurcated legal system has us on a fast track to Banana Republic USA…

“… History shows us that when the ruling class and elites refuse to do what they should and instead do what they can, creating a government rigged in their favor, destroying the rule of law, and papering over corruption and injustice, the peasants pick up pitchforks and torches and they come for those who have behaved so abominably. Perhaps our elites should read more of that history.

Ryun’s complete essay can be read here.

If the citizens of Hong Kong had the right to own 30 million A/R 15’s, as is estimated Americans do, the calculus for the jack-booted actions by the Chinese communists would likely have been significantly different.