The Nation Owes Ted Cruz a Debt of Thanks

Americans of all political stripes who revere their right to free speech owe a debt of gratitude to Texas Senator Ted Cruz this morning.

Cruz’s questioning of Mark Zuckerberg apparently triggered someone at Facebook to change its algorithm to begin allowing conservative content to get through again.  While traffic did not return to previous levels the surge was, nevertheless, immediately measureable.

And, it only took five minutes of questioning to get Mark Zuckerberg or, more precisely, his handlers to get the message.  Zuck played dumb but the spigot opened as Cruz was concluding his comments.

Senator Cruz: “Does Facebook consider itself to be a neutral public forum? … Are you a First Amendment speaker expressing your views or are you a neutral public forum allowing everyone to speak?”

After stammering and avoidance by Zuck, Cruz clarified his question in a way that left Zuck unable to avoid the meaning of it:

Senator Cruz: “The predicate for section 230 immunity under the CDA (Communications Decency Act) is that you’re a neutral public forum.  Do you consider yourself a neutral public forum or are you engaged in political speech?”

Zuckerberg then sounded like a lost boy with this answer:

Zuck: “I’m not that familiar with the specific legal language of the law that you speak to…”

Maybe the boy wonder had no clue what Cruz was referring to but the people watching at Facebook must’ve been listening because Zuck was still being questioned and our traffic began spiking.

Liberals who may agree with Facebook’s current censorship of political opinions because they might not agree with conservative voices, are not liberals at all, they are totalitarians.  

While the mockingbird media spent two days praising Zuckerberg for resurrecting both himself and his company, Ted Cruz needed only five minutes to expose how Zuck was using one of the largest media companies in the world as his personal political forum.
All Americans should be giving a tip of the cap to Senator Cruz this morning.