Must Watch Video: Former ICE Director Excoriates Democrat Congressman During Open Hearing: “Your Comments Are Disgusting”

Elder Patriot –  President Trump is considering appointing Thomas Homan to a new position of Border Czar.  Homan is the former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

After watching him administer an epic slapdown of sound bite seeking Democrats during congressional questioning yesterday, he’s just the combative S.O.B. the president needs.

Democrats were intent on securing soundbites blaming conditions at the border detention centers on the men and women who run them, without regard to the failed policies they instituted that are the root cause of these conditions.

This is a ploy of Marxist leaders; use your power to create a problem, then demagogue about it while blaming your political opponent(s).  Vulnerable constituents, always looking for an excuse for their personal problems, are particularly susceptible to this tactic. 

At yesterday’s hearing, Homan verbally bitch-slapped Congressman Jesus G. “Chuy” Garcia who represents the Fourth District of Illinois:

Garcia accused Homan of everything except gassing and incinerating people who have broken federal law to enter into our country illegally.

When Garcia finally allowed Homan to answer, Homan didn’t show the usual restraint common to congressional hearings.

Raising his voice, Homan exploded: “Your comments are disgusting.” 

Homan continued: “I’ve served my country 34 years… What I’ve been trying to do for 34 years is to save lives. So for you to sit there and insult my integrity and my love for my country and for children, that’s why this whole thing needs to be fixed. And you’re a member here. FIX IT!”

During an impromptu presser before boarding Marine One to head to Wisconsin, President Trump was asked about the detention centers.

Q: Mr. President, are you visiting an immigration detention center like the Vice President?

President Trump: Yeah — and very importantly, today, in a few hours, Vice President Pence and the head of Homeland Security are taking the press and congress people into detention centers.  And they’re the ones that said they were crowded. They’re crowded because we have a lot of people. But they’re in good shape.

And the reason is because the fake-news New York Times wrote a phony story.  What Border Patrol is doing — they’ve become nurses and janitors and doctors.  And they’re not trained for that. What they’ve done is so incredible.

So they’re touring detention centers.  And that was my idea because I read a phony story in the New York Times today — or the other day — about the detention centers, about the conditions.  And I had people calling me up at the highest levels from Border Patrol and ICE, almost crying, about that phony story.

And they never saw anything.  They have phony sources. They don’t even have sources.  They write whatever they want. The New York Times is a very dishonest newspaper.  They write what they want. And what they do is a tremendous disservice to this country.  They are truly the enemy of the people, I’ll tell you that. They are the enemy of the people.  And what they wrote about detention centers is unfair.


I’ve seen it.  And these centers are — I mean, to have Ocasio say, “They’re drinking out of toilets.”  She made that up, okay? That’s a phony story. She made it up. And these people, they — I’ll tell you what, I’ve been with ICE and I’ve been with Border Patrol a lot.  They love those people coming across the border. They love them. And I’ve seen it. They love them.

There could be no successful Marxist movement in this country without the compliance of the decepticon media.