Mueller’s Tell: Flynn Fifth Sentencing Delay Signals Failure to Find ANY Evidence of Collusion

Elder Patriot – Within the maneuverings by special counsel Robert Mueller some things belie the integrity of his group’s work.  The delay in sentencing Lieutenant General Michael Flynn for a fifth time is a case in point.

Flynn, was facing bankruptcy over his mounting legal fees accrued while defending against the immense pressure Mueller was applying to him and at least one member of his family.  Mounting evidence now suggests that Flynn pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI to stop the bleeding and have Mueller call the dogs off his son.

So why has Mueller asked the court to delay General Flynn’s sentencing again and again?

Because special counsel Robert Mueller won’t risk being exposed by the evidence of corruption within the FBI that is going to be revealed by President Trump’s newly ordered declassification.

Mueller will not risk imprisoning a highly decorated member of the United States military following a lifetime of meritorious service, only to be shown to have conducted a corrupt investigation to obtain General Flynn’s confession on false charges.

This becomes much clearer when you see new evidence that clarifies the backstory about Flynn’s interview with the FBI.

The agents involved initially felt that Flynn had been honest with them.  That has been known for sometime.  What wasn’t proven, but suspected by investigators, was the 302 filed pursuant to the FBI’s interview with Flynn had been altered to suggest that he lied, and that formed the basis for the charge against him.

Now we evidence of that in text message exchanged between Agent Peter Strzok and Lawyer Lisa Page, both of whom have been central to the overall scheme:


The message exchange took place the day prior to what now appears to be an “ambush” interview with General Flynn.

While it indicates that something untoward, and perhaps illegal, was underway it doesn’t prove that General Flynn’s 302 had been altered.

Texts exchanged by Strzok and Page on February 14th suggest that is exactly what happened:


“F 302?” Does that signify F(lynn) 302?  Events suggest that it does.

We know that there were two agents present when Flynn was interviewed.  Corrupt agent Strzok was one of them. The second agent was Joseph Pientka.

On June 11, 2017, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley requested to question Agent Pientka but his request was denied by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Eighteen days later, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes made a request for access to 17 FBI and DOJ officials.  That request included being given access to Joe Pientka.

Fast forward to this past Sunday when Nunes dropped this MOAB while being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo: (Prompt to 4:46)

“The American people now are beginning to see the walls are beginning to close in on the corrupt officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI.  Many of them have been fired. Many of them are on leave. Many of them have been demoted.

“You are slowly beginning to see this collapse in on them.”


“We believe that the depositions that we took for about 70 people need to published.  They need to be published before the election.”

Seventy not seventeen!  How deep does the corruption within the intelligence agencies go?  No wonder why Rosenstein has blocked every request as long as he could.  The damage to the DOJ and FBI may be irreparable.

SC Muller knows that the credibility of his investigative team will be destroyed once the contents of those depositions become public.

That explains why Mueller has made no arrests on charges of collusion and/or obstruction as he was charged with uncovering when his appointment as special counsel was announced.

Instead, he has focused on discouraging patriots from aligning around Donald Trump for fear that he might destroy them next, as he has done to Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, on charges completely unrelated to Trump.

Game on.