Mueller Gives More Testimony This Afternoon: You Almost Feel Sorry Watching A Once Proud Marine Melting Down Trying to Defend His Teams Lies

Elder Patriot – Yeah, you almost wanted to feel sorry for the guy.  Almost. Until you think about the hell he put the Trump family through.  

When former special counsel Robert Mueller moved to the House Intelligence Committee to give testimony this afternoon his inability to maintain the obstruction of justice hoax only got worse.

When the session began, Devin Nunes used his five minutes to describe the real Russian collusion that occurred in 2016 and thereafter:

Following Nunes’ time Mueller gave an opening statement.  His inability to defend the Lawfare-Democrat-Media narrative strategy began almost immediately:

Remembering that this session was being held by the House Permanent Special Committee on Intelligence, essentially a counterintelligence investigative body, Mueller consistently refused to answer questions from Republicans by contending that “he wouldn’t or couldn’t go there.”

That contention – “it’s counterintelligence and I can’t talk about that lest I compromise sources and methods” –  would likely result in no legal recriminations against those who weaponized the intelligence agencies against first, candidate Trump, and later President Trump.

Mueller is essentially protecting the remaining members of the corrupt cabal at the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department and, former CIA Director John Brennan. 

As the afternoon wore on it became apparent that, following the disastrous morning session, the decision was made by Mueller’s handler, likely Aaron Zebley, for Muller to shut down all areas of inquiry from Republicans.  

Regardless of that decision, there were still questions that Mueller, that by not answering, exposed the politicized character of the biased team he assembled:

If not for the purpose of advancing the narrative they wanted Americans to believe, what other explanation is there for the leaks that plagued the special counsel’s office.