Mueller Falsified Ethics Disclosure to Hide Relationship With … He Must Resign

Elder Patriot – The depth and breadth of the swamp is striking.  We are beginning to learn that there is virtually no one in Washington who doesn’t wallow in it.

CNN is now reporting the even special counsel Robert Mueller – he of the allegedly pristine reputation – has falsified his ethics disclosure to hide his past ties to former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller briefly did some legal work for a company that was part of a Middle East energy and arms project pushed by Michael Flynn, the former Trump national security adviser who Mueller is now investigating as part of the Russian meddling probe. 

A spokesman for Mueller told CNN that Mueller did litigation work last year for the entity, called IronBridge, while Mueller was a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.  He said the IronBridge work wasn’t listed in Mueller’s ethics disclosure form released last month by the Justice Department.

Whether or not this proves to be the tip of the iceberg of Mueller’s deception it does reveal the incestuous relationships that pervade the inside the beltway world of D.C. politics.

For years we heard that fired F.B.I. Director James Comey, like Mueller, was the paragon of virtue.  We now know Comey was appointed director of the once revered agency because of his willingness to protect the swamp and not to drain it.

The same desire to protect the swamp that drove Comey to violate his oath as F.B.I. director apparently motivated Mueller during his twelve years at the agency’s helm. 

The Clintons had been spinning their web of corruption in Washington from the time they first arrived there in 1992.  Mr. Mueller served as the F.B.I. Director from September 4, 2001 until September 4, 2013.  

The entire last four years of Mueller’s time at the F.B.I. he ignored the facts that were emerging that proved Hillary had turned the State Department into her and her husband’s personal play to pay scheme netting hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves.

Our concerns that Mueller isn’t interested in the truth, but rather only in continuing to defend the Clintons and the swamp, is bolstered by Mueller’s choice of assistants to abet his investigation.  They are a who’s who of Clinton lawyers, donors, and sycophants. 

We can only conclude that, just as Comey knew he was going to exonerate Hillary when the investigation into her emails began, Mueller is likewise seeking to find a way to protect Obama, the Clinton’s, and the rest of the Swamp from becoming implicated in his investigation.