MSM Silent: Teen Cites Muslim Faith For Killing Friend and Stabbing Two Others

Elder Patriot – Seventeen-year old Corey Johnson was invited to a sleepover at the home of Elaine Johnson when he said his Muslim faith commanded him to go on a murderous rampage.

Police report that Johnson repeated stabbed another guest, thirteen-year old Jovanni Brand, before slicing his throat.  It was Jovanni’s birthday, the last birthday he’ll have.

According to police, Johnson also stabbed Elaine Simon a dozen times and her son Dane, who had hosted the party, approximately 32 times.

Johnson told investigators that he read the Quran on his phone just prior to the stabbing attack to give him courage to “carry out his intentions.”

Here’s where the story becomes even more damning for those having trouble with the revelations about Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter and the FBI’s silence following Las Vegas.:

The Sun Sentinel reports:

“Johnson had drawn the FBI’s attention last year after he allegedly made threats on Instagram to a high school in England, according to a report from Jupiter police. “Those threats were so severe in nature that up to 100 students were removed from the school fearing some kind of attack,” a Jupiter police report said.”


“Jupiter police spoke with the FBI as recently as this month, when the FBI said it was working with prosecutors to make an arrest on federal charges “in the next several weeks,” the police report said.”

The absence of mainstream media coverage about this murderous rampage raises serious concerns about their suddenly cozy relationship with our intelligence networks, most notably, the FBI.

Perhaps, because there were no guns involved, the story adds no value to the anti-Second Amendment jihad they are on but there is a link they are assiduously avoiding.

Whether it was the Las Vegas Harvest 91 massacre, or Nikolas Cruz’s shooting spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S., or now this murderous knife attack, the common denominator was a fascination with radical Islam.

That’s not to say that the killers were radical Islamists in every case but they were either at least inspired by the violence that ISIS employs (check Nikolas Cruz) or they might’ve doing business with radical Islamists (Stephen Paddock).

Let’s dismiss the notion that any religious belief was the motivating factor behind even as single one of these attacks.  That leaves us with only one other link – mental illness. 

Either way, the FBI has failed us once again.

And, while that should be the lead story, the mainstream media will ignore that discussion because it doesn’t serve their gun confiscation agenda. 

CNN’s homepage leads with the headline ‘We want change’ followed by this picture and these sub-headlines:

Not a mention anywhere on the site about Corey Johnson or knives, or mental illness.  Or the fact that a future deranged killer can use his pick-up truck to plow through groups of students waiting for their school buses or cuing up for any number of other reasons.  Or, by using any number of other methods.

The mainstream media isn’t interested in solving anything except the Deep States’ overriding need to eliminate the threat America’s patriotic gun owners to their assault on our Constitution and our nation’s sovereignty.