What The MSM Isn’t Telling You About Trump’s First 100 Days

ELDER PATRIOT – In an earlier article we explained what no one else was talking about when grading President Trump’s first 100 days.  Trump has been successful “Draining the Swamp” of Democrats who had become discernibly unhinged with over-the-top attacks on the president.  While Democrats thought they could bait President Trump into embarrassing himself he ignored them and forged ahead with one popular initiative after another.

Turning the Democrats into bumbling fools hasn’t been his only success.  Not by a long shot.

Candidate Trump realized very early in his campaign that the mainstream media was the enemy of the people and therefore they were the enemy of his populist message.  He attacked them early and often and didn’t stop in the days and weeks following the election.

The media was so defenseless against Trump’s attacks that their reaction was even more unhinged than the Democrats has been, if that’s possible.

Trump’s break with established presidential protocol awakened people to the fact that the media was no longer the Fourth Estate that the Framers had envisioned but had morphed into a Fifth Column determined to undermine any legitimate defense of our Founding Principles.

The media expected unquestioned adherence to its progressive dogma and had grown accustomed to using political correctness to silence conservatives.  Trump was having none of it.

The public’s trust in the media is now at an all-time low.  More importantly, President Trump’s determination to engage those challenging him with common sense policy prescriptions has awakened a new sense of self-confidence in the American electorate to think for itself.

This last explains the fake news initiative that was started by Progressives and sent through the echo chamber of the mainstream media to discredit sites like this one that employ the same common sense in their political discussions as President Trump does.

Whether Trump should get a grade of A for his handling of the media is debatable but the mainstream media definitely gets an F.