MSM Ignores “Righteous” Doug Jones’ Hypocrisy

Elder Patriot – Brittany Benefield was the youngest person ever admitted to the University of Alabama.  She had just celebrated her 15th birthday when became a student there.

In 2001 she filed a lawsuit against the university, its police chief, and its football coaches for failing to properly protect her from the sexual predators on their team.   

Doug Jones represented the university’s police chief and a football coach against charges they had knowledge of and ignored the under-aged teen’s behavior in her dorm room.  Proof of their prior knowledge included emails about the situation between school officials. 

The involved parties came to an agreement in 2003.  While the settlement is sealed, Benefield did say,

“He was not a victim’s advocate.  He was all for blaming the victim, honestly.”

Jones was paid to provide his clients with a vigorous defense and he did.

That’s not the issue here.

In a recent interview Benefield recalled moments she felt defense attorneys put the blame for her assault squarely on her parents, and sometimes on her.  Benefield remembered some of Jones’ comments “really made my jaw hit the floor.” 

Benefield recalls Jones’ “was cold, uncaring, unfeeling and calculated throughout the case.  I just think Doug Jones is full of … something.”

The fact is Doug Jones courtroom assault on Brittany Benefield was no different than the tactics Hillary Clinton employed in attacking a 12-year old rape victim.

Jones’ actions were all within the law and what should be expected from a defense attorney.  That doesn’t change the fact that he chose to take the case in the first place nor that his tactics led Benefield to now say, “I find it to be the height of hypocrisy that he sets his campaign to be on the moral high ground against Roy Moore.”