MSM Ignores Recent Facts – Comey Reporting Borders on Hysteria

ELDER PATRIOT – Mainstream media claims that we are facing a constitutional crisis because a bureaucrat played politics instead of properly doing his job borders on hysteria.  F.B.I. Director James Comey’s firing was well deserved and, when the dust clears, this will be what is remembered:

  • Comey was a threat to the nation’s security.  His investigators had turned up enough evidence to send Hillary to prison for a couple of hundred years yet he made the decision not to seek even a single indictment.  This allowed Hillary to finish her run for the presidency.
  • Comey refused to investigate the Clinton Foundation despite ample evidence of corruption and fraud.
  • Comey refused to investigate Hillary’s role in the sale of Uranium to Russian controlled companies.
  • Comey never thought it important to look into all of the foreign money pouring into Hillary’s campaign.
  • During the F.B.I.’s investigation into Hillary’s email server Comey allowed her lawyers to review the contents of her server first and then allowed them to determine what they were willing to turn over to F.B.I. investigators.
  • After receiving what her lawyers turned over he proceeded to destroy the server potentially destroying additional evidence that should properly have been locked in an evidence locker.
  • When the DNC’s computers were hacked Comey accepted the forensic analysis provided to him by the DNC’s contractor rather than demand that F.B.I. forensic IT specialists have access to it for their own analysis.  Despite never being granted access to the DNC server Comey announced that the Russians were the ones that hacked it.
  • Comey told President Trump on three separate occasions that he was not the subject of any investigations while publicly maintaining that he was but that he couldn’t discuss it because of the classified nature of it.  Comey either lied to the president or he lied to Congress.  Either way the end result damaged the president.

There’s so much more that this that help seal Comey’s fate, but this is enough to deserve the enmity of every American and every elected official.  And, yesterday’s reactions from Capitol Hill support that contention.  The only complaints were about the timing.

Frankly, after examining the facts Comey didn’t provide a single shred of evidence for his “Russian interference” allegation.  He did, however, provide significant evidence that he personally supported Hillary Clinton and that he continues to support the Democrats.

Complaints about the “timing” of President Trump’s actions should be dismissed as partisan political posturing and of the Democrats own making:

  • Had the Democrats nominated a slightly less corrupt presidential candidate none of this would’ve taken place.
  • Had the Democrats confirmed Jeff Sessions immediately after his nomination, someone they knew intimately, he likely would’ve asked President Trump to axe Comey straight away.
  • Had the Democrats not demanded Attorney General Sessions recuse himself Sessions likely would’ve fired him immediately.
  • It took until April 25th for the Senate to confirm new Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  Rosenstein had served in the administrations of presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, is widely respected and was confirmed by this sharply divided Senate with a 94-6 vote.
  • With Sessions’ recusal it fell to the newly seated Rosenstein to oversee the F.B.I. director’s work.  After spending only 9 days to review what amounts to many man-years of investigations, as well as, Director Comey’s conclusions Rosenstein had seen enough to write this in his memo to A.G. Sessions recommending Comey’s dismissal:

“I agree with the nearly unanimous opinions of former Department officials,” Rosenstein says, after quoting several of them (including former attorneys general from both Democratic and Republican administrations): 

“As a result, the FBI is unlikely to regain public and congressional trust until it has a Director who understands the gravity of his mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. Having refused to admit his errors, the Director cannot be expected to implement the necessary corrective actions.”

Trump’s selection of Rosenstein to be Deputy A.G. will be difficult for partisan politicians to take issue with.

Rosenstein had spent his career earning broad bipartisan support not because he was a political animal but because he ignored politics altogether and focused only on doing his job:

Former deputy state Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah wrote for Vox in April:

“Rosenstein enjoyed rare bipartisan support in Maryland and was the only United States attorney in the country appointed by President George W. Bush who remained in the role at the end of the Obama administration. This was no accident. Federal prosecutors who served in his office (Democrats like me among them) wrote in support of his confirmation, and local elected prosecutors from across Maryland sent the Senate a similar letter, reporting that when they ask Rosenstein for assistance, “he does not care if you are a ‘D’ or an ‘R’, he has only cared about making this State safer.”

It was only after President Trump had received this recommendation from a non-partisan A.G., that both sides agreed was amply qualified, that he fired Comey.

Democrats’ call for a special prosecutor ring hollow because if Sessions or Congress had appointed an independent counsel to investigate the president’s ties to Russia it very well might’ve been Rod Rosenstein.

The fact is it didn’t matter when Trump chose to fire Comey because the Democrats lay awake at night thinking of new narratives with which to attack the president rather than trying to find ways to fix the economy and healthcare, both of which they are responsible for.