MSM Cracks – Greatest NY Times Journalist Kills Trump-Russia Narrative – It Was Seth Rich All Along

ELDER PATRIOT – Finally, President Trump has been vindicated.

Five-time Polk Award winner for excellence in journalism, Pulitzer Prize winner and George Orwell Award winner, Seymour “Sy” Hersch has stepped out of the shadows of the MSM to tell us everything he has learned about the source Wikileaks’ Clinton email dumps from his many sources.

Hersch’s journalistic bona fides are unquestioned.

Hersch first gained recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. In 2004, he notably reported on the US military‘s mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. He has also won two National Magazine Awards and five George Polk Awards. In 2004, he received the George Orwell Award.

Every investigator worth his salt knew that the source of the Wikileaks’ revelations was not the result of Russian hacking for a very simple reason the data had been downloaded onto a storage device by someone with access to the DNC server and not over the web by hackers.

The only question we had was whether it was Seth Rich or someone else.  Thanks to Sy Hersch we now know Rich was indeed the source and the reason that Julian Assange offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his murderers’ arrest.

In an audio tape obtained by Big League Politics, Hersh says he was privy to an FBI report that confirmed Rich had provided Wikileaks with sample emails and asked for payment for the full data dump.

Hersch said, “All I know is that he offered a sample, an extensive sample, I’m sure dozens of emails, and said ‘I want money.’ Later, WikiLeaks did get the password, he had a DropBox, a protected DropBox,” and Wikileaks got access to the DropBox.”

Hersch:  By the way, all this shit about the DNC…it wasn’t hacked.  Whatever happened, the Democrats themselves wrote this shit, you know what I mean?

The whole Russian hacking disinformation operation was conducted under the direction of Obama’s disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, according to Hersch.

Hersch said Rich’s first contact with Wikileaks came in late spring of last 2016 and that he learned the DNC later invented the story that Russia had hacked their systems in order to cover their tracks.

The NSA reported that the password to Rich’s DropBox was provided to Wikileaks proving then Director James Clapper’s participation in propagating the false narrative.

Hersch explained the CIA and NSA complicity in perpetuating the hacking lie this way:

“I can tell you right now Brennan is an asshole, I’ve known all these people for years… the NSA guy is a fuckin’ moron…

“The trouble with all these guys is the only way they’re going to make it to (undecipherable) and make it to some fat cat contract is if Hillary stayed in.

“I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began.  It’s a Brennan operation.  It was an American disinformation operation and the fucking president at one point, when they started back briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, and that fucking cocksucker Rogers was telling the press that we even know who in the GRU – the Russian military intelligence services – leaked it.  I mean all bullshit.

And then Hersch completely vindicated Trump:

“Trump’s not wrong.  I wish he would settle down and that he had a better press secretary…but…Trump’s not wrong to think they all fucking lied about him.”

Well, Trump can’t say that Chuck Schumer didn’t warn him, eh?

Hersch is not yet convinced that Rich was the victim of a robbery but does acknowledge that the DNC staffer knew he was in danger because of his actions.

Whether Rich was motivated by patriotism (something we believed from the beginning) or greed (as Hersch believes) won’t change the fact that his death was almost assuredly the result of Arkancide.

The fact that the MSM remains silent in reporting Hersch’s revelations is no longer surprising.  However, the silence of everyone in Congress stands as ironclad evidence that Trump’s integrity and desire to keep and restore American prosperity is something that is in very short supply in the D.C. Sewer System.