More MSM BS: By Challenging RINO’s Steve Bannon Will Help the Democrats Win House and Senate Majorities

Elder Patriot – The latest mainstream media narrative tries to make the case that former Trump campaign CEO and later Chief Strategist to the President, Steve Bannon’s plan to challenge every incumbent Republican (excepting Ted Cruz) in next year’s primaries will actually help strengthen the Democrats.

The claim goes like this: Bannon’s strategy will hand control of both houses of Congress to the Democrats because Conservative can’t win general elections.  To this, anyone who has been paying attention for the past 7 years would have to say, so what? 

Donald Trump’s campaign was quite literally an in your face repudiation of the Republican Party’s establishment hierarchy’s refusal to stand up to Barack Obama on virtually anything.  Trump voters ate up his “un-presidential” in your face attack style because it captured exactly the mood of the party’s base.

Obamacare, open borders, profligate spending, wars without purpose, confiscatory tax rates, the IRS being turned into a political weapon, and the government’s expansion into unacceptable levels (for a free society) of spying on the American people, left the party’s rank and file looking for an outsider to disrupt the status quo.

As president, Trump has not disappointed.  But, the Republican majority has.  With the exception of the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Trump’s majority in both Houses has yielded nothing – zip, zero, nada!

Had establishment Republican leadership had its way Hillary Clinton would’ve been president.  They had disavowed Trump’s candidacy too many times to recount here and even openly suggested they might be voting for Mrs. Clinton themselves.

Republicans, given control of all levers of government once Trump was inaugurated, have proven one thing to the party’s voters, too many of the party’s elected officials are in league with Chuck Schumer and have no intention of fulfilling their campaign promises.

They failed to repeal Obamacare after making that the cornerstone of their own re-election campaigns.  Trump has had to fight them tooth and nail on border security.  They refuse to cut spending.  They resist Trump’s much-needed muscular foreign policy and they are blocking his efforts to simplify the tax code so that the IRS can no longer be used as a political lever.  And they are purposely dragging their feet and putting up roadblocks to cutting taxes.

Voters have been left wondering what would be different, as long as Trump is president, if the Democrats controlled both Houses?  The answer has the Republican establishment running scared.  That’s because the answer is little to nothing.

Steve Bannon recognizes the opportunity that Trump’s election created and he wants to seize on the awakened American voters’ anger.  His success in helping President Trump tap into their disgust with government as usual politicians has him convinced that success can be duplicated across the country against other Republican establishmentarians.

That is why he left his position alongside President Trump in the White House.  His goal is to lead the movement to replace RINO’s across the country so that Trump has the legislative army he needs to Make America Great Again.

The mainstream media has resorted to their old fallback lie that conservatives can’t win general elections.

This is the reason the mainstream media are now running stories painting Steve Bannon as a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal inciting voter’s with “red meat, nativist, ‘America first,’ rhetoric.”

But, 2018 will not be about political ideology.  It will be about electing more disrupters – like President Trump – to Washington.

We all saw how that line of attack failed against President Trump in 2016.  In fact, Trump carried a significant number of Republican representatives and senators across the finish line last November.

The mainstream media’s attempt to derail Bannon’s plan ignores their failure in 2016 and the fact that, as long as Trump is controlling the bully pulpit, Americans will be wondering how the Democrats’ (and the RINO’s who have a history of voting with them) message of saving Obamacare, open borders, unbalanced trade deals, profligate spending, confiscatory tax rates, an out of control IRS, and the expansion of the spy state (that didn’t yield a clue about the massacres in Vegas, Orlando or San Bernardino) is worth the loss of jobs, wage stagnation, trillions of dollars of new debt, and an ever more fractured populace.

After all, they can hardly run against these policies that they voted to save.

Bannon knows the real red meat comes from kitchen table issues that focus on economic prosperity, safe neighborhoods and good schools.  On these issues the incumbents that he is targeting for defeat have failed miserably.   

Fox New has characterized Bannon’s challengers as “rabble-rousers with shared limited ideologies.”

Former Bannon aide and senior adviser to pro-Trump PAC Great American Alliance, Andy Surabian, had a somewhat more precise description of Bannon’s warriors; “The main thing that binds them together is a rejection of the Republican Party establishment, a rejection of the political elites, the financial elites and the media elites.”

That sounds an awful lot like the charges leveled against President Trump throughout the primary process.  How did that work out?  The people aren’t looking for the perfect ideological candidate.  They were told they had already elected one.  They’re looking to drain the swamp by upending Washington and replacing its leader, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Roy Moore’s landslide victory over the establishment Republican in Alabama despite being outspent by as much as 10-1 stands as proof that Trump woke Americans to what is possible if they are only willing to vote in the primaries.

Moore, after an avalanche of negative campaigning against him by his Republican opponent, leads his Democrat opponent by near landslide numbers in early polling.    

No matter how hard establishmentarians try to restore the Left-Right paradigm it is irreparably broken.  Not by anything that Trump or Bannon did but by the elites’ own actions that Trump and Bannon merely highlighted with the help of the new media.

Here’s the million-dollar question that appears to have already been asked and answered:

What good is winning elections when we get the same obstructionism as when we lose them?

Americans want change and change is a comin’.