Mr. President Defend Your Base – Veto the Omnibus – Or Suffer the Consequences

ELDER PATRIOT – Mr. President, veto this spending bill and shut the government down.  Your base has had enough of the backstabbing Republican leadership that has only one goal – diminishing your support and disposing of your political carcass.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell have again joined hands with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in continuing to obstruct President Trump’s agenda – the agenda that polls show Americans, not just Trump’s supporters, overwhelmingly support. 

This is nothing new and was totally predictable considering where Ryan and McConnell’s allegiance lie.

The Republican leadership’s play is a blatant move to discredit Trump’s credibility with his base. 

Ryan and McConnell appear ready to surrender their majority positions if that’s what it takes to stop Trump from dismantling the Deep State.  Trump’s declaration of war against that Deep State is at the heart of the Republican sellout.   

Trump’s base, as well as the majority of Americans realizes that Deep State has paid these “moderate” Republicans to sell out the interests and assets of Americans in favor of the interests of the Communist Chinese.  And, in the process have many of the more “moderate” members of Congress have gotten filthy rich.

Otherwise, what politician would ignore the overwhelmingly positive response to the agenda Trump outlined during his State of the Union speech?

The respondents were almost unanimous in their support of President Trump’s proposed border wall and immigration curbs.

That’s about as close to a mandate as is possible in a society that’s grown as diverse as ours is.

Despite a 14% increase in spending that brought the omnibus to $1.3 Trillion, Trump got neither the wall nor the immigration reform he sought.

And, funding for sanctuary cities increases.  These are the population centers from which the left will launch its civil war.

What about Trump’s infrastructure plan?  It was even more popular than his proposals to improve our national security:

Support for infrastructure spending was almost unanimous.  Trump didn’t get a dime for it, unless you believe funding a tunnel for Chuck Schumer even through the Senate Minority Leader has blocked dozens of the president’s appointees from being confirmed would be a smart move. 

After funding the tunnel what leverage would the president have in getting Schumer to move on his appointments?

The $1.3 Trillion spending bill is a total rejection of Trump’s promise to cut spending and, for the scum inhabiting the swamp, it stripped Trump of one of his primary accomplishments – the soaring stock market.

As news of the profligate spending package spread through Wall Street the markets tumbled wiping out a major portion of the gains that had been made since Trump’s election.

The president can reverse that tomorrow by vetoing this monstrosity and sending a stern message to Congress that he will not kowtow to their indifference to the pain they have caused the American people. 

President Trump must know if this is best Congress can do then he should call their bluff and veto the omnibus.  At the end of the day a shutdown will be much more painful to those politicians and their constituents who rely on the money than to his supporters who will be called on to foot the bill.

Mr. President punish the Deep State before they punish you.