Montanans’ To Trump: DRAIN THE SWAMP

ELDER PATRIOT – Montana voters made a loud statement in yesterday’s special election to replace Rep. Ryan Zinke who moved on to join President Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of the Interior.

Democrats had gone deep into their bag of deceit and ginned up a false charge of assault against Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate, on the eve of the election.  The dust up reeked of the assault charge leveled against Donald Trump’s then campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

In Lewandowski’s case, it took a few days before surveillance camera footage came to light exonerating Lewandowski.  The mainstream media learned a lesson from that and timed their reporter’s antagonistic action so that Gianforte had no time to mount a defense for his response.

Regardless, given three choices, 56.4% of Montanans rejected the Democrat candidate.  That’s right Democrats garnered only 43% of the vote, losing in a landslide.

In what amounted to a strategic backfire for Democrats, the hardcore America First voters of Montana were impressed with the fight in the GOP candidate and decided he’s just the man to send to Washington to bolster President Trump’s effort to Drain the Swamp.

Just as significant, voters refused to pull the lever for a Democrat suggesting that a total rejection of the party has taken place.