Meryl Streep – As Despicable As Hillary

Elder Patriot – If you’ve been paying attention then you know that the only three arrows President Trump’s opponents have left in their quiver are resistance, outright lies, and character assassination.  They have yet to advance a single agenda item that would benefit the taxpaying, law abiding citizens of this country with which to challenge the president.

Their field plan during interviews is to turn every question about one of their policies, or one of the Marxists they are aligned with, into an attack on Trump.

Case in point is the female Judas Iscariot, Meryl Streep.

Streep was asked to address why it took her several days to respond to the initial New York Times exposé about how Harvey Weinstein allegedly committed decades of sexual harassment and reached financial settlements with at least eight different women.

Streep deflected the criticism “I don’t want to hear about the silence of me,” and instead went after the Trump women. “I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump, I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.”

Like so many of Hollywood’s elites, Streep is serving as a mouthpiece in a coordinated effort by the Marxist movement in America determined to discredit President Trump by any means necessary in order to prevent him from doing any more damage to their globalist cabal. 

If you doubt this then consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars that left-wing activist and so-called ‘feminist” attorney, Lisa Bloom accepted from a pro-Hillary (Madame Marxist, herself) PAC to bribe women into claiming that Donald Trump assaulted them.

That’s the same “feminist” attorney who resorted to bribery in an attempt to silence women with literally millions of dollars from her globalist handlers.

Streep is another “feminist” cut from the same cloth as Bloom, meaning her allegiance is to world Marxism before anything else.  The fact that her motivation is political becomes obvious after you examine her history of defending sexual predators who share her beliefs.

Streep didn’t simply ignore Bill Clinton’s abuse of women she defended him, and Hillary who organized attacks of reprisal against these women to shut them up.  None of Clinton’s accusers have ever been accused of accepting any money for coming forward but we do know Bill Clinton settled the Paula Jones lawsuit for $850,000 and that he was disbarred for lying to a grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky case. 

When it was Hillary’s turn to become the globalists’ queen of the Americas, Streep, as she had done earlier with Weinstein, ignored the “rumors” of Hillary’s involvement in defending child-traffickers and her assaults on Bill’s accusers and delivered a glowing speech at the Democratic Convention where Clinton accepted the nomination.

More evidence that Streep’s sudden discovery of morality is a sham comes from her participation, over the past 15 years, in the Hollywood movement that repeatedly campaigned for child-rapist Roman Polanski’s release and for his ability to return to the United States.

Polanski had admitted to drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl in 1977. German actress Renate Langer accused Polanksi of raping her twice when she was 15. Another woman called Robin M. accused the director of sexually assaulting her when she was 16. Actress Charlotte Lewis also said Polanski sexually abused her when she 16.

Rather than face trial, Polanski fled the United States and has been living in exile ever since.  None of this gave Streep pause before she, along with numerous other members of the Hollywood elite, gave Polanksi a standing ovation at the Academy Awards in 2003 after Polanski was awarded an Oscar for The Pianist.

So, please Meryl, stop trying to claim your deflection, based on unsubstantiated claims, is based on anything other than the Globalist Entertainment Media’s desperation to prevent President Trump from dismantling the Marxist movement, that you are paid to defend, any further. 

Streep’s service in support of the world Marxist movement is not unlike the African tribal leaders who rounded up their brethren and sold them to slave traders for the money involved. 

It’s obvious as the nose on your face, Streep has no fealty to women or to America.