Memos Cap Amazing Week For Trump: President Cleared, Comey Screwed, Mueller Investigating Nothing, Rosenstein Faces Questioning

Elder Patriot – After months of stonewalling by the FBI and DOJ, the much-anticipated Comey memos recounting his meetings with President Trump have been released.  At least some of them have, anyway.  And, contrary to what Comey wanted us to believe, they are really bad news for those who backed the elaborate scheme to undermine the results of the 2016 election.

It was an amazing week for President Trump that began with the release of Jim Comey’s book in which Comey made his personal and political distaste for the president palpable and ended with the release of his memos that made clear he never experienced any obstruction of justice on the part of Trump, and that he had found no evidence of collusion with Russia prior to his firing.

That means that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel to investigate obstruction and collusion absent even a shred of evidence from the FBI director who had spent close to a year investigating Trump. 

In fact, in one memo Comey recalls Trump asking him to investigate anyone in his campaign who might be working with any foreign entity in a suspicious manner.

That brings us to ask what in the world were Mueller and his team investigating for the past year?  If they had found anything tying Trump to Russia, or any foreign entity, or frankly if they found anything at all to hand around the president’s neck it would have been made public by now.

This leads us back to Rod Rosenstein who was in possession of the memos when he appointed Mueller.  Other than the rabid reporting by the foaming-at-the-mouth Democrat attack dog mainstream media what did Rosenstein rely on as the basis for his action?

In retrospect, Rosenstein deserves to be fired for his lack of fealty – not to the president but to the Constitution and the right of the American people to have as president the man that they voted for.

Rosenstein’s career is over.  It’s just a matter of when, not if. 

If we had any questions about the toughness or leadership abilities of Donald Trump those should now be put to rest.  A lesser man would be crouched and shaking in a corner.

With the OIG report due to be finished and released in a matter of weeks the beginning of the end for the swamp is in sight.

Then today, the Dems, reading the tealeaves, threw a “Hail Mary” when they filed a lawsuit in federal court against… well against just about everyone Trump ever knew and the Russian government.  Kinda sounds like Hillary drafted it while she was on her blame everyone book tour.

At this point we can be pretty confident that if Mueller found nothing to pin on Trump or his team, then discovery conducted in this lawsuit won’t either.  But discovery works both ways.

It’s a pretty fair bet that Trump’s cyber forensic team are salivating at getting their hands on the “hacked” DNC server and Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop and records on the Awan brothers.  Julian Assange will appreciate the truth being exposed as well.

Trump’s investigators will be only too happy to get their hands on the bank records of the DNC, the financial records of Perkins-Coie, and Hillary and the DNC’s involvement with foreign interests to influence the 2016 election.

And then there is the topper – the likelihood that all the evidence will lead to the messiah, Barack Obama.

It has indeed been an excellent week for President Trump.