Meet the Devil’s Disciples – 44 Dem Senators Who Voted Against Protecting Infants Who Survive Abortion

Elder Patriot| Democrats have brought us to the depths of satanic governance.  

Forty-four Democrats, cornered into voting on the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” chose to double down on killing God’s creations if they are lucky enough to survive an attempted abortion.

That was enough to prevent cloture on the bill preventing it from coming to the floor of the Senate for a simple up and down vote where it would have passed putting the protections in place.

Republicans Cramer and Scott were prevented from voting because of flight delays.  There is no excuse for Lisa Murkowski – there never is.

While Republican Senator Ben Sasse admittedly sponsored the bill as a political ploy to make Democrats declare themselves on the heinous procedure, the Demonrats nevertheless genuflected at the altar of the abortion industry.

How can any reasoned and fair-minded person reconcile this as anything other than murder?

We have laws that protect illegal aliens if they set one foot on American soil that Democrats constantly defend.

Apparently Demonrats consider babies born to American citizens a greater threat to our country than illegal aliens or how else can you explain their objection to extending the same protections to newborn infants?

We even have laws protecting animals from this kind of violence.

Man accused of drowning dog receives maximum sentence

Kennel owner convicted of drowning puppies

Chicago Woman Accused of Drowning 4 Newborn Puppies

There are literally hundreds of accounts of pet owners and breeders facing legal penalties for mistreating animals.

The same cannot be said of abortion doctors who routinely perform late-term abortions.  Late-term abortion is about as sickening a procedure as one can imagine – a viable life is literally pulled apart. According to Twitter user “Gaye Gallops”:

Warning: you will not be able to unsee the next tweet.  Do not view if this subject is upsetting to you:

Now Demonrats refuse to protect those who survive abortion.  Gianna Jessen survived a late-term abortion. Here is her story:

Even the leftist Demons’ fallback position – protecting the health or life of the mother – fails here.  How does this protect the life of the mother?