Media Gets Torched at Trump Presser and They Still Don’t Get Why!

ELDER PATRIOT – President Trump invited the mainstream establishment media to have at it on Thursday.  For well over an hour Trump took everything they had while landing body shot after body shot against them until he had finally won a unanimous decision in the eyes of the judges – the American people.

They either just don’t get it or they are intent on denying the truth because their anti-Trump narratives have nothing else to prop them up. 

The establishment media would have us believe Donald Trump is an uncouth loudmouth unfit for the presidency but Americans just ain’t buying that.  Trump is simply reflecting the mood of the American people who have grown poorer and less free for having listened to them for so many decades.

The establishment media began laying the foundation for the American people’s distrust on issues of presidential suitability more than two decades ago when they lauded then candidate Bill Clinton’s appearance on MTV where he discussed his underwear preferences.  They followed this up by almost fawning over his uncontrolled penchant for bedding as many women as came in contact with him, even when it was against their will.

In fact, they empowered his lustful behavior to such a degree that he even lied to a grand jury.  An action for which they defended him claiming it was only a lie about sex.  They deliberately shouted down those who correctly pointed out that his D.O.J. had prosecuted and imprisoned others who had lied in similar circumstances.

Clinton’s tawdry behavior didn’t matter then but now the establishment media demands total accountability from Donald Trump for mere words even after they consistently mischaracterize and report them out of context for their political purposes.

Then there’s the media’s sudden fixation on the rights of immigrants that was absent when President Bill Clinton delivered his 1995 State of the Union speech:

“All Americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country.  The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants.  The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.  That’s why our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens than ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, and by barring welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.

“In the budget I will present to you we will try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens who have been arrested for crimes and to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission headed by former congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

“We are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it.”

Or, when Illinois State Senator Barack Obama said this in 2005:

“You know we are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law.  We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

Obama went on to be president where he oversaw the deportation of nearly three million immigrants during his eight years in office dwarfing by far that of any previous president.  President Trump will have to pick up his pace considerably if he is to even come close to that number but you’d never guess that if you relied on the old guard establishment media for your news.

Funny, but I can’t recall a single instance where the establishment media labeled Clinton or Obama xenophobes.  The fact is the media defended Clinton when he authorized an AR-15 brandishing swat team to kick down the doors of a safe house where six-year old Elian Gonzalez was being shielded from deportation by Cuban Americans.  They were trying to protect the dream of Elian’s mother who died bringing him to freedom.   

The public’s eyes are now wide open to the overt bias of the mainstream establishment media.  This is largely because the MSM has so overplayed its hand that the immediate reaction to any claims it makes is now met with skepticism by an awakened public.

Trump wasn’t the cause of this phenomena, he merely pointed it out in a way that Americans understood.

The establishment media left the press conference with Trump believing they had scored points with their claim that the First Amendment was under attack by President Trump.

They continue living in their own bubble.

The First Amendment is 45 words long.  You’d think that they’d have taken time to read it before hinging their discontent on such a stupid claim:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It would be hard to argue that Trump hasn’t been willing to grant the press access to petition him for a redress of its grievances.  It’s just as clear that they are not satisfied with hearing his answers. 

Trump has exposed the establishment media as the schoolyard bully who is used to getting their way through intimidation but now is confronted with someone who is willing to stand up to them.  And, they don’t know what to do.

Their problem isn’t that Trump has somehow muted their megaphone, its that the people have tuned them out.