McConnell Keeps Promise: Advances Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote to Full Senate With Unanimous Republican Support

Elder Patriot – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been a stalwart when it comes to protecting President Trump’s conservative appointments to the Supreme Court.

Beginning in early 2016, while Barack Obama was still president, McConnell invoked the so-called Biden Rule while leading Republican efforts to block his Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, from replacing the deceased Antonin Scalia.

That kept the door open for President Trump to appoint conservative Justices to the high court and put an end to liberal legislating by leftist Justices on the court.  Trump has not disappointed.

His first nominee, Neil Gorsuch, an outstanding candidate with impeccable credentials received only three votes from Democrats signalling the fight that would be awaiting President Trump’s second nominee when it would become possible to tip the ideological balance of the court.

That time has come and the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is even more highly regarded by his peers, having earned the rating of “well-qualified” by the left-leaning American Bar Association  – the organization’s highest rating.

Unable to attack Judge Kavanaugh on his credentials, ranking Senate Judiciary member Dianne Feinstein appears to have hatched a plan to destroy his nomination by assassinating his character.

The Republican chairman of that committee, Charles Grassley, implemented a brilliant strategy that let both accuser Christine Blasey-Ford and Brett Kavanaugh to state their cases.

Grassley chose to have outside sex crimes prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell question Dr. Ford while Judge Kavanaugh spoke for himself and then defended himself against attacks from Democrats.

Kavanaugh was just as aggressive when answering the questions of Democrats who had been reduced to asking about entries in his high school yearbook.

By the time the extra hearing was completed Kavanaugh, with the help of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, had stoked a fire in the Republican base that is not likely to be extinguished anytime soon.

Kavanaugh’s aggressive defense of self had the Democrats on their heels and exposed a winning strategy for Republicans moving forward.  No longer will Democrats be able to get in our faces with the expectation that we’ll back down.

This was a seminal shift not lost on Majority Leader McConnell who seized on the newfound Republican “cojones” to immediately announce, through a series of tweets the very next day, that he had the votes to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full senate.

Fox News tweeted McConnell’s announcement as well:

Fox then reported that McConnell had expressed his confidence that the impending FBI investigation – the seventh such background check – will come back as clean as the first six have:

An important takeaway from Leader McConnell’s statement, Republicans thinking about voting against confirming Kavanaugh would most likely to have preferred blocking the floor vote in by stopping it now, in the more anonymous vote to send it to the floor.

Those looking for a precursor might surmise Kavanaugh’s confirmation is now a fait accompli.