McConnell Convinces Senate Fat Cats to Work Through August Recess

Elder Patriot – Before you get your hopes up that the Senate may finally pass a budget after a decade of reckless spending, or that funding for the Wall will be appropriated let me splash a dose of reality on you.

McConnell hasn’t suddenly seen the light and ended his opposition to President Trump’s America First policies.  Instead, he’s organizing a last ditch palace coup disguised as a work session before the midterms.

Realize, those senators are not suddenly“working” on our behalf.  They are the same men and women who agreed to confiscatory taxes without a budget to hide their profligate spending, the TPP, the Paris Climate Accord, and the Iran Nuclear Deal before Donald Trump showed up as the new sheriff in town.  

The Republicans held the majority yet they helped Hussein and Billary sell us out to foreign interests and turned their back on criminal wrongdoing and outright treason to protect their own selfish interests.  

Too many of them were never Trumpers because they feared Trump was serious when he promised to drain the swamp.  This leopard hasn’t changed its spots.

President Trump’s rising popularity has made it nearly impossible to mount a direct challenge to him in the form of one or more freestanding bills.  That popularity is borne of Trump’s willingness to challenge the accepted rhetoric on issues countless times with the result being more favorable conditions for Americans of all stripes.  Trump has amassed some serious political capital among his growing legion of supporters.

Republican bottom feeders who want to keep the gravy train flowing recognize the need to neuter President Trump’s trade agenda before he can destroy what’s left of their scam.  There are trillions of dollars, much of it already earmarked to these senators, their families, and their donors, riding on derailing Trump.

President Trump’s steadfast unwillingness to share the tax dollars of hard working Americans with those writing the laws and agreeing to international entanglements is simply unacceptable to this mob.

“Without influence in DC there can be no affluence in DC.”

Years of central planning by the international banking cartel, multinational corporations, and with the help of the mainstream media (that has come at great expense,) will be scuttled if Trump is left unchecked.

So, what is left for McConnell to try in order to derail Trump’s runaway prosperity express?

McConnell is preparing to ambush the president’s agenda during the August session by adding amendments to the senate’s work that will preserve the lobbyists flow of money to his minions.

The mainstream media will be activated to sway public opinion.  Expect them to paint the president as a recalcitrant dictator unwilling to compromise.  Keep in mind that the compromise McConnell will seek is with your tax dollars not with theirs.

The timing of this effort is meant to undermine Trump’s popularity and neuter his effectiveness on the campaign trail prior to the midterms.

Be heartened, Trump is the 800-pound gorilla in the room that McConnell and the other never Trumpers already fear is not to be trifled with.

To paraphrase Barry Goldwater:

“Extremism in defense of the American worker is no vice.  And moderation in pursuit of protecting America’s interests is no virtue.”