McCabe’s Self-Incrimination Tour Raises the Question is He Covering The Crimes Committed By Much Bigger Fish

Elder Patriot – As we suggested earlier this week former, former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is too experienced of a lawman to be so stupid as to go on a publicity tour incriminating himself over and over again.

McCabe has already been cited as having lied to FBI agents on multiple occasions by the Inspector General’s office and is currently the subject of a grand jury investigation.

All he’s doing is making his potential prison sentence longer.  For what? Increased book sales? Is the money that’ll be generated from the sale of large tranches of his book, to millionaire and billionaire Never Trumpers, worth spending decades in prison for?

That’s just not logical.  Unless…

What is logical is the view from 30,000 feet where we see McCabe as part of a much bigger criminal enterprise, one that transcends our nation’s borders.

If that’s the case, and it appears that is where the evidence is leading us, McCabe is playing a personally damaging game on what appears to be a very dangerous playing field.

McCabe cooperates and gets to leave a financial legacy for his family by keeping the mainstream media focused on him while the clock ticks on to 2020 when the swamp’s Never Trumpers hope they’ll finally be rid of this president.

2020 will be the Never Trumpers’ Alamo.

Playing this scenario to its conclusion, McCabe would then be pardoned by the new president, as would all of the traitorous schemers who worked for and under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, under the pretense that it’s time to put this sordid episode behind us in order to move America forward.

This, of course, would be only one of many attempts to keep the focus off of the corruption that, if/when the light is shone on it, will implicate former presidents, wannabe presidents, and major international powerbrokers.  Including foreign governments.

The narrative must never be allowed to focus on their traitorous behavior lest their cabal, that was designed to control the globe’s wealth and that has been a century in the making, will be dismantled.

We are watching that play out in the elite’s dangerous opposition to President Trump’s trade policy towards China.  Yes, we might take a short term hit to the stock market, but this is the medicine we must accept if we hope to remain a free and sovereign nation.

Otherwise, China will eventually swallow, not only our economy, but also our freedoms.  The rich will get richer while Americans become serfs as the Chinese are allowed their unfettered march towards world domination.

Everything and every narrative the mainstream media reports has one purpose, the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020.  Everything the House of Representatives does until November 2020 will have that same purpose and will be done in concert with the mainstream propaganda media.

Unseating President Trump in 2020 is the key to owning the right to pardon.  So who are the higher ups and the governing elites that fear being exposed by President Trump?

Let’s go right to the top, former Manchurian President Barack Obama.  There is ample evidence (and logic) to conclude that Obama oversaw the FBI’s determination not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for violating the Espionage Act.

Where’s the logic in that?  As we opined when the New York Times first broke the story of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private, unsecured email server, in early 2015, if Hillary was using an unsecured server then Barack Obama knew that.

We know that because in that same story, the Times told us “Hillary Rodham Clinton had no government email address.”

But Obama told us that he only learned of Clinton’s disregard for national security protections surrounding the use of email from the Times, at the same time we did.

via GIPHYDan Bongino put the lie to that claim on his podcast yesterday.  As a former secret service agent who was assigned to protect the president, Bongino told us that in order for any communication to be sent through to the president’s phone it first had to be “whitelisted.”

That makes Obama a liar.  It also made him a witness.  Those were facts that former FBI Director James Comey obviously sought to hide when he okayed/ignored changing the wording from “the president” to “a senior government official” in the Clinton email report.

That, in and of itself, isn’t earth-shattering news.  As we said that was a logical conclusion in 2015. So what makes this so important now?

It was just the tip of the iceberg and, with everything we’ve learned since, paints a damning picture of corruption and treason.

I’ll try to write this in a way that the left wing Obama-Clinton sycophants can follow along without their biases clouding their logic.

Donald Trump is discovered to have used a private email address that he used to communicate with his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.  

During that time, Trump and Pompeo sign off on the sale of uranium to Russia.  They also agree to share our most sensitive cyber technologies with Russia (Skolkovo.)

That’s just one example of the likely many others that were damaging to U.S. interests – to your interests – that Clinton and Obama likely communicated about using her unsecured email account.

She likely never expected it would be discovered and that she would be able to avoid future FOIA requests by claiming there had been no email communications.

That would explain why she destroyed 33,000 emails before handing over the rest of them after she was outed.

Once the dominos begin falling it’s likely we would gain insight into many of the other decisions Obama made that left us scratching our heads.  Maybe we’d even learn who the beneficiaries were of the more than ten trillion dollars in debt he amassed, with the help of Congressional Never Trumpers, and why.

Thinking back to Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton, it never made any sense.  He spent 15-20 minutes listing one federal crime after another and then dismissed the case as not worthing of prosecuting.

Where was Attorney General Loretta Lynch when this happened?  You would think an honest AG, having heard the evidence that Comey had laid out, would have taken control of the case, from there.

For our Obama-Clinton sycophants picture this scenario:

The director of the FBI, Jeff Sessions, carries on for 20 minutes about all of these federal crimes that Donald Trump committed by exposing “highly classified” information to enemy eyes, and then exonerates President Trump.

Your heads would explode.

Once Obama, Clinton, and Lynch are implicated in the plot to plunder the United States – the wealth you worked hard to amass, it becomes clear that John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, etc., etc., were merely foot soldiers in this criminal syndicate.

For all of them, they either end Donald Trump, or he has the power to end them.  Remember he knows everything.